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June 2020

Now is the Time. For the Vipava Valley.

Discover its secrets and beauty

It's been exactly two years since world-famous media house Lonely Planet put the Vipava Valley on its list of top 10 best destinations in Europe. This season, the reasons listed by the Lonely Planet in support of its prestigious selection are only more appealing. Time spent quarantined between four walls brings new understanding, new appreciation for boundless nature, the countryside and carefree peace. Now is the time to discover all the hidden nooks and crannies, and sample all the treats of the Vipava Valley that have throughout time impressed foreign reporters and bloggers from all over the world …

Made for Cycling

"The Vipava Valley is best explored by bike, on locally guided cycling tours down countryside roads, stopping for a taste of genuine cuisine and a chat with the friendly locals," the Lonely Planet wrote in its argumentation of Europe's best destinations. Cycling across the Vipava Valley has been a major hit – and not by coincidence. During any season of the year, cycling trails are waiting for you in the valley, its hills and surrounding plateaus with their unique experiences. Whether it's mountain biking, road cycling or family cycling, diverse trails offer marvellous countryside views and a great deal of safety and relaxation. If you're looking for excitement, adventures are found on our guided cycling tours and among our top cycling adventures taking you into the uniquely beautiful setting of the Vipava Valley. Our cycling guides know all the secret trails, and the most pleasant stops along the way. Did you know that with its challenging Predmeja Hill climb, the Vipava Valley was twice a stage of the renowned Giro'd Italia, and has been hosting the Tour of Slovenia several times? If you're a recreational cyclist, the Vipava Valley likewise offers tremendous enjoyment on the bike. You can also rent a modern electrical bicycle with our sports equipment rental providers, just don't forget to reserve one in advance.

Family Friendly

Family vacations in the Vipava Valley are thrilling even without any amusement parks or artificial worlds. Sprawling meadows and calm forests invite you to the exploration of nature, while the old nearby villages present a rustic way of life. The kids can eat fruit straight from the tree and frolic in the crystal-clear springs and rivers. Chances for hiking are limitless, and in the lower parts of the valley, most of the cycling rails are suitable for children, too. Very family-friendly are also the countryside accommodations, especially farm stays and campsites. In the Vipava Valley, your holiday is free of worry. And what about ice cream? Of course, there's a great big ice cream factory right here in the Vipava Valley, it never runs out. Ice cream gardens and pastry shops offering artisanal sweets are expecting you.

Delights for Even the Most Demanding Palates

Hedonists, welcome! The Vipava Valley is your personal paradise. The treasure hunt best begins with the Vipava Valley wines. Not just the old and exceptionally rare indigenous varieties, the cellars of the valley also feature truly exclusive wines of select vintages or special methods. Lots of joy also comes from sampling the local craft beer. A world to itself are the many inns and restaurants offering exquisite fine dining. On a relatively small space, you'll find a surprising number of internationally distinguished chefs who craft their masterpieces from hand-picked local ingredients. These unforgettable delicacies are limited so make sure to book your table ahead of time!

A special hint ... At the end of June, the first delicious Vipava Valley apricots will be ripening to perfection. Ever eaten one straight from the branch? Now is the time.