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August 2020

The Paradise Valley is Real

The Vipava Valley is uniquely different. All year round.

Every cloud has silver lining, they say. In the current situation, many try to stay upbeat by consciously reminding themselves and those around them of the upsides of the coronavirus crisis. Staying aware of the abundance and beauty around us is one way to cope with this highly unusual situation. The Vipava Valley is a paradise valley! The valley received the byname “Paradise Valley” back in the 17th century, but now seems the perfect time to revive it. This sublime valley with exquisite wine and food for gods is enchanting at every turn. You are welcome to take part in its abundance and enjoy its embarrassment of riches. Now and year round.

To experience it once ...

This until recently virtually unknown Slovenian destination is gradually being discovered as a hidden tourism gem, and social media is abuzz with rave reviews. The media too has picked up on the hype about the Vipava Valley.

Just recently, Helen Coffey, a reporter for the Independent, wrote about “why this idyllic region of Slovenia is making a name in the world of tourism”. She appears utterly infatuated with the Vipava Valley. In fact, only a few days ago, Ms Coffey described in her article “Why the Vipava Valley should be top of your Slovenian travel bucket list” her first-hand experience with our Paradise Valley. Her inspiring account is the best reference letter imaginable. Thank you, Ms Coffey!

Region of enticing flavours

Much has been written about the exquisite local wines and the fine gourmet offering, but nothing beats personal accounts and travel experiences. In the Vipava Valley these are always stellar. Michelin star-studded restaurants and even down-to-earth agritourism farms will serve much more than just tasty food. The secret of the heavenly flavours of the Vipava Valley starts in the local gardens, fields and vineyards, continues in granaries and wine cellars, and lives on in the cherished tradition where love for the native soil plays a crucial role. Each drop of wine and each dish is created to provide pleasure. Surrender to luxury, savour every morsel!

Activities galore for unforgettable experience

One of the most exciting discoveries in the Vipava Valley is the abundance of opportunities for exploring natural and cultural highlights, pursuing outdoor activities and hanging out with the locals. The activities can be individually combined so you can put together even seemingly incompatible experiences! Mix & Match is like a fun and creative game, and the Vipava Valley adopted the concept as an innovative way of putting together bespoke tourism experiences. Browse through our top adventures and pick a combo of activities that will turn your stay in the Vipava Valley into an unforgettable getaway from the daily grind. Our local tour guides enjoy having curious guests who are eager for excitement and whom they can take to the most obscure places in the valley. Let yourself be surprised!

Tranquil, verdant and safe

Even when you are in the biggest town, big crowds and heavy traffic are not something you will encounter in the Vipava Valley. The serenity of nature and the laidback vibe guarantee a relaxing stay that will recharge your batteries. Every step you take, you will be amazed at how green and enjoyable this Paradise Valley is; this is also attested by the “Slovenia Green Destination” label. You can feel safe even amidst the pandemic. Consideration for other people’s well-being and solidarity are displayed on an individual and state level. Our commitment to responsible travel standards in Slovenian tourism is underscored by the Green & Safe label.