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November 2020

Dreaming of Paradise Valley

Come visit us when it’s safe again and experience paradise

For better or worse, we are staying at home for the foreseeable future. Considering the circumstances, it’s for the best. However, just because we can’t travel, doesn’t mean we have to entirely give up our dreams of exciting foreign adventures. This winter our wanderlust dreams – vivid and clear – will help us keep our spirits up and pass the time until we are allowed to go out into the world again. Let yourself dream! The Vipava Valley and the Goriška Region offer endless possibilities for outings, outdoor pursuits and other experiences – just let your imagination run free. For now though, let your next trip unfold before your mind’s eye.

Discover pristine beauty

This verdant, dramatic landscape is ever so captivating. The valley, set against a scenic hilly backdrop, is dotted with tiny villages, castles, manors and lovely village churches perfect for leisurely hikes, excursions and just enough remoteness for that get-away-from-it-all feeling. The gaze automatically wanders across the mighty slopes of the karst plateaus. The cliffsides and peaks offer spectacular views of the now border-free Goriška Region, the Karst and the Adriatic Sea. The highest points even afford glimpses of the Julian Alps. Let yourself be inspired by our videos and revel in the raw beauty of the region. The people living in this idyllic and sunny region are friendly with a warm Mediterranean disposition. They make it their priority to keep the environment they live in intact. Close your eyes and imagine being led into a rustic farmstead by a friendly local, beckoning you to taste their home-style snacks and other delicious products. One day, you will be able to experience this up close and personal.

Dreaming of paradise flavours

Many believe that the region is worth visiting for its abundance of flavours alone! The fertile region – aptly named the Garden of Paradise centuries ago – never ceases to amaze with its delicious produce and cherished tradition. Wine has been a local staple for two millennia. Today, local wines are produced by integrating old-school and new-school skills and know-how for a truly unique sensory experience. Tastings take place in the cellars of local winemakers where wine is paired with home-style snack food, with a side of gripping tales told by their makers. Local cuisine will make it seem like you truly arrived in paradise. Locally made Vipava Valley prosciutto served on a slice of crispy fresh bread and a bowl of hearty jota, the local version of a comforting stew, should be your first (and mandatory) step into the world of local food. Inns and agritourism farms each put their unique spin on the local culinary highlights as they take you on a journey through local seasonal variety. Yes, even fine dining establishments draw inspiration from tradition and locally grown, seasonal ingredients. Exquisite cuisine is to be had in Michelin star restaurants displaying incredible creativity and superb service. Let yourself dream today. Surrender to the flavours for a taste of paradise.

Making memorable experiences

Discover all the little peculiarities of the Paradise Valley and the many options for relaxation and leisure together with our local guides who will take you to a top adventure of your choice. Guided cycling tours and hiking trips, wine and dine excursions, stories of yore and adrenalin-fuelled pursuits bring you closer to the genius loci of the Vipava Valley and Goriška Region for truly memorable moments. Every experience blends tales of unspoilt nature, exciting history, rich culture and the region’s signature vibe. Topped off with a personal touch of course. Local guides are great at both telling stories and listening to their guests. So, for now ... close your eyes and let yourself dream. Someday your dreams will come true. You will be able to discover new charming places, amazingly clear rivers and the wonders of nature. You will be able to scale to the finest vantage points and soar into the sky, hop on a bike, head out on the river or chase your adrenaline high. In short, taste paradise on Earth.