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April 2020

Stay Home, Travel Later


Relax while dreaming of future adventures

"Stay home – but travel later", this is the current call of the World Tourism Organization. For the time being a pandemic of unimagined proportions has deprived us of the freedoms of community and travel, but it cannot take away our longings and virtual sightseeing. The people will overcome this crisis, returning diligently to the creation of the safe and inspiring experiences that reinvigorate our energies. They say that things will never be the same. Indeed, changes might happen, yet contact with pristine nature will ever remain a core human need. In the Vipava Valley, green and genuine, you'll always be welcome.

Lots of carefree adventuring room

Green and diverse, simply beautiful during all seasons, the Vipava Valley has been exciting travellers throughout the ages. The softness of the valley and its pleasant hills, the steep rocky walls, boundless meadows and forests gracing the tall overlooking plateaus feel as if they're perfectly your own. The valley is sparsely populated, the plateaus Nanos and Trnovo gifting a true escape from the urban rush ... The hiking and mountain biking trails bring encounters with a chance fellow visitor, like you seeking the beauties of life in unspoiled nature. The Vipava Valley pampers with its guided tours of small groups, featuring carefully planned and customized experiences. Hospitality is part of the local culture, and so we unveil the hidden corners of our land and our hearts to each and every visitor. In this uncanny period of home confinement, we kindly invite you to browse the charming photography of the Vipava Valley or visit our YouTube channel. Choose your view to experience in a few months, when all this is behind us …


An endless variety of flavours

As an exception, you'll have to take our word on it. Digital technology can't deliver smells and flavours just yet. For the best, perhaps, so we can simply close our eyes and wander imaginatively into that pleasant chill of the wine cellar, recalling the sound of wine pouring into glass followed by absolute enjoyment on the palate ... dry-cured prosciutto melting in your mouth, the tender softness of home white bread, fantastic creations delighting from the plates of local culinary masters ... Mouth-watering, a taste of good things to come! Someday, when this is all over … The unique flavours of the Vipava Valley are now biding their time, stored safely in the cellars of the Vipava Valley's winemakers together with the rich culinary tradition of the valley's inns, restaurants and agritourism farms, waiting for the first opportunity to again pleasure you with its charms. We're already looking forward to the moment …

Sharing our travellers' experiences

Spice up the monotony of social isolation with a virtual escape into digital worlds, where the feel of pristine environment offers welcome relaxation. This time we kindly invite you to browse the excellent press articles about the Vipava Valley in some of the world's most respected media. As inspiration, an invitation to explore the future possibilities for a colourful choice of experiences that will one day grace your vacations in these parts.

Stay home – but allow your imagination to run wild into brighter days to come.