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March 2020

Time for a spring getaway

Do you feel like the world has gone insane? Are you sick of the endless barrage of fake news and reports of all the wrongs in the world? Well, we have some good news for you: there is a place you can escape to, where the days are simple and life is good. The Vipava Valley is serene, verdant, clean, and of course friendly. The steep slopes over the valley have already been warmed by this year’s sun, and the fruit trees are in bloom. The local eateries offer seductively unique flavours – but that’s pretty much the standard in every season. Escape your rut and experience something very special that is bound to soothe your soul. Vipava Valley will definitely boost your wellbeing.

Collecting scenic views

Let your eyes rest and your soul sing. Vipava Valley is surrounded by lookouts with incredible views. Overlooking Nova Gorica is Sveta Gora, boasting a majestic pilgrimage basilica and Franciscan Monastery, both precious gems in the religious heritage of the Vipava Valley. From here, let your gaze wander from the Alps, over the Friulian Plain to the Adriatic Sea and Karst, and stop at the monumental Peace Memorial in Cerje. Scale this unique hill and take in the impressive views in all cardinal directions. The seven-storey memorial houses a fascinating museum collection presenting various periods of Slovenian history. The Walk of Peace that is set up next to the Memorial will take you past the vestiges of WW1. Kostanjevica is a slightly lower hill in the vicinity of Nova Gorica that captivates visitors with views over the twin towns of Gorizia and Nova Gorica; they are a prime example of harmony between two border towns. Kostanjevica is touted as a local heritage gem. It operates the famous Franciscan Monastery with the crypt of the Bourbon dynasty, the valuable Škrabec library, and a rosary of Bourbon roses.

Get your adrenaline kick

Casual strolls can easily be swapped for ultimate adrenaline kicks. The Vipava Valley in early spring is the place for exciting mountain bike endeavours and paragliding and hang gliding. Ignore the calendar! You can hike, cycle and fly year round in the Vipava Valley! Make sure to check out our top adventures. Let the local guides take you to unforgettable singletrack mountain biking tours or trail riding over waymarked trails or unmade tracks. A special treat is the Hike & Fly Adventure with the Wajdušna team which includes a hike to the take-off site on Kovk for a tandem flight over the valley. All guided adrenaline tours in the Vipava Valley end on a similar note: surrounded by good company with delicious local food.

Savour authentic flavours

Food and wine lovers, gourmands, hedonists, foodies ... It doesn't matter what you call yourself. The dine and wine offering of the Vipava Valley will make your mouth water. You will be spoilt for choice considering the variety of dishes made from premium locally sourced ingredients, and seasonally inspired menus that are everywhere: from fine dining establishments, local fare providers, restaurants and inns to agritourism farms. During this time, all local farms make jota, a traditional stew made with marc-fermented turnip called repa tropinka. This hearty dish is particularly popular in winter months, whereas lighter vegetable stews are favoured in warmer months. Don't miss the chance to taste the quintessential melt-in-your-mouth Vipava Valley prosciutto on a slice of fluffy white bread. The Vipava Valley has an embarrassment of wine riches: the wines have a distinct aroma, and are the product of great love and care. Pay a visit to the local winemakers and be captivated by their stories while tasting exquisite wines. Life can be so marvellous!