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October 2019

Seize the day

This October discover tranquillity and let go of your worries

The Vipava Valley provides ample opportunity to escape your daily rut. Seize the day (Carpe diem) is a great adage to follow on your jolly jaunts across the wine country, whilst enjoying the warm autumnal sun, and pampering yourself with great flavours. You can choose to lounge around and let yourself get carried away by your current mood or, alternatively, go looking for new experiences and surprise yourself with a an active and dynamic day. It's all up to you. Whatever you decide though, don't forget to seize every moment in the Vipava Valley! In October and year round.

Soaking up the sun

Every language has expressions to describe the act of idly lounging around outdoors on a sunny day. In English you soak up the sun. In the Vipava Valley you can get your daily dose of vitamin D anywhere; on extra windy days make sure to find a nice suntrap if you plan on staying outside for longer. Even though the sun is pleasant anywhere you go in the Vipava Valley, there are a few particularly popular locations to get some sun. One of them is the medieval town of Vipavski Križ, an ancient settlement with chocolate-box streets and alleys, and a surprising number of cultural landmarks. Vipavski Križ is a typical example of the regional rural layout where the houses are traditionally huddled together to provide protection against the strong burja wind. The central piazza is a great place to soak up the rays whilst enjoying the varied offering of the artisanal shop Darovi Vipavske with its local handmade goods and wine. At the westernmost edge of the valley, in Nova Gorica on the border with Italy, lies the arguably most popular sunny spot in the country: Bevk Square in the town centre gives off a true Mediterranean vibe with its streetside cafes. Next, there is the famous Europe Square – the meeting point of two towns and two countries – another delightful place to hang out on a sunny day. Another charming destination for catching some sun is the Main Square in Vipava, merely a hop and a skip away from the delta-shaped riverhead of the Vipava River that will entice you to discover other landmarks of this quaint town. Take it easy and savour the experience.

Sun-kissed slopes

Some prefer to lounge around only after having had their share of active outdoor fun first. If you're into hiking, then the Vipava Valley is where it's at, and October is the perfect month to be there. The valley boasts a mild climate and an above-average number of sunny days. This makes all the difference once fall comes around. When the plains and lowlands are filled with wads of stubborn fog, the slopes enclosing the Vipava Valley are bathed in sun and utterly inviting. Catch the opportunity to hike any of the hiking trails to take you up to the peaks and vantage points overlooking the valley. Local mountaineers and walkers have set up simple rest stops along the trails where you can catch your breath and soak up the autumnal sun. You might even snap your pic of the day; you know how it goes on social media: pics or it didn't happen. Don't forget to add #vipavavalley when you put the pic up. :) There's something else that is different around here: sooner or later, most of the trails will lead you to a mountain lodge or hut or agritourism farm, where you can enhance your carpe diem mood with unforgettable local flavours. A tip: stop at any of the Tourist Information Centres across the region to get a bunch of new ideas where to head next. Speaking of fun: how about a magnificent view of the sun-kissed slopes from a paraglider? A tandem flight is a unique experience, and the Vipava Valley is considered a great place to soar across the skies.

Seasonal goodies

No day is like the next, and each season has its own charms. The grape harvest is over, the cellars smell like grape must that is about to turn into this year's wine. The Vipava Valley is gradually changing its menus, barely noticeable and in the spirit of the “from garden to table” tradition. Seasonal and fresh local ingredients are the signature feature of the regional cuisine. October dishes typically incorporate chestnuts. This wonderful fruit has a distinct taste and high nutritional value, making it a popular ingredient of traditional seasonal dishes, and a source of inspiration in fine dining establishments. Don’t miss out on the annual Chestnut Festival in Vitovlje where you can buy your own batch of raw or roasted local chestnuts, and enjoy other dishes to boot.