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March 2019

That Special Something

The timeless appeal of the Vipava Valley

Have you ever wondered why some travels reach deeper into your heart than others? Is it the natural marvels, the fascinating landmarks, distinctive local flavours, or perhaps a special energy that binds all these into phenomenal sensations? The Vipava Valley offers so many surprising traits you're certain to keep it in mind forever. On each step, by the hiking and cycling trails, on the roads and in the wilderness, something truly distinctive awaits. Visit and discover why the Vipava Valley is uniquely different, all year round!

Genuine hospitality

Words are a clumsy means of expression when it comes to describing the warmth of the Vipava Valley's hospitality. You simply have to live it, feel the genuine smile, brighten up at the small tokens of kindness and enjoy the spontaneity of the locals' embrace of the guests. Hospitality is a key component of the famous Vipava Valley cuisine, as it's always been a traditional custom here to serve the guest what folks enjoy during times of festivity. And naturally, all that which was grown and prepared right here and with love. Genuine affection doesn't end at the table and in the magical wine cellars, you'll experience it at every meeting, in the welcoming nature and affable spirit of the locals, born storytellers. Our friendly guides will take you to the most beautiful natural locations, cherished by the people of the land. In the Vipava Valley, life is truly content and it shows. Perhaps the atmosphere of genuine hospitality is precisely the reason the Vipava Valley has been such a hit with international journalists who have consistently been ranking it among the world's top travel destinations.

A climate like nowhere else

The Vipava Valley has an exceedingly gentle climate and an above-average number sunny days throughout the year. Due to the distinctive natural relief and position at the crossroad of worlds, where the Mediterranean climate meets the Continental, a specialty of the valley is the fierce Burja wind. Though it rages every now and then, reaching speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour, the locals are mighty fond of it as it clears the air and brightens the sky. Occasional intrusions of cold air from the continent cannot overwhelm the pleasant influences of the Mediterranean, a mix that creates the region's entirely unique climate. The most distinctive season here is the spring, when the seaside is still cold while the valley is already delightfully warm. The winters are gentle, too, which makes hiking, cycling, paragliding and many other outdoor activities enjoyable all year long. This is precisely why the Vipava Valley hosts Europe's earliest hang-gliding contest of the season, the Aeros Winter Race. When the rest of Europe is still wearing a sweater, the Vipava Valley is already green, blossoming and inviting.

Uniquely special wines

Singular natural traits and people who have been cultivating the vine for millennia shape the extraordinary distinctions of the Vipava Valley wines. These are not just in contrast to the other winegrowing countries, the Vipava Valley boasts diversity within its own wine offer, too. Here, a great richness of grape varieties thrive, including old indigenous ones that are the pride of the valley, like the Zelén for example found nowhere else in the world. The terroir of the Vipava Valley contributes more unique variety; due to the diverse landscape and microclimate, nearly every vineyard is slightly different while a range of elevations grants the produce a personal character. In the cellar, the winegrowing families then add a final touch of the sublime. With knowledge passed on between generations and profound affection, they nurture their wines, consistently reaching for the highest marks in major international wine competitions. Visit the winemakers and wine shops of the Vipava Valley and taste the indescribable flavours. A splendid opportunity to taste select local wines is each spring presented by the Festival of Wine and Olive Oil in Šempas, showcasing the best olive oils of the land next to the indigenous and locally-cultivated world wine varieties.

Outstanding experiences

Famous hospitality, a pleasant climate all year round, exquisite cuisine and top-shelf wines infuse each visit of the Vipava Valley with a charming uniqueness. Choose one of our amazing experiences and explore the valley with our local guides. Whatever your favourite outdoor pastime may be, the Vipava Valley is sure to linger in your heart. Take a look at some of the interesting articles written by world media about the Vipava Valley and see for yourself how much our special nook of the planet has been impressing them all.