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December 2019

Winter highlights

Experience the magic of tradition and local customs

The Vipava Valley never ceases to enchant visitors with its authenticity: looking down from the hills over the landscape on cold winter evenings, it resembles a green pine tree decked out in Christmas lights. The ancient villages, in which houses are huddled around the tiny churches, are scattered across the valley, beckoning visitors to discover their many secrets. Take a walk down the narrow alleys and stop in any of the wine cellars; the first thing you will be offered is a glass of new wine. Just before the holidays, as locals set up nativity scenes in their windows, the villages light up in mystical beauty. Experience the unique charm of local customs, wine and food. The Vipava Valley remains different, verdant and authentic even throughout December.

Nativity scenes in the Vipava Valley

The Christian tradition has made a strong mark on the culture of the Vipava Valley. Its many churches and still operational monasteries are keepers of a priceless cultural heritage. Setting up Nativity scenes at Christmas is arguably the most delightful Christian tradition. Across the Vipava Valley, Nativity scenes are displayed in every church. Especially intriguing are the local Nativity exhibitions with a long-standing tradition. Don't miss out on the famous international Nativity exhibition at the pilgrimage site of Sveta Gora near Nova Gorica, and the smaller, but highly imaginative Nativity exhibition in Vipavski Križ. A particular highlight around Christmas time in this region are the Nativity scenes set up in front of private homes and on window sills. Take a stroll down the picture-book alleys of Vipavski Križ, Vipava and the village of Tabor pri Dornberku, and enjoy the sight of the tiny masterpieces that are inseparably linked with Christmas and New Year. In Vipavski Križ, there is a living Nativity tableau set up. There, visitors can also treat themselves to some mulled wine. You can read more about the Nativity tradition in the Vipava Valley here.

Hanging out in wine cellars

Locals love to show off their wine cellars as unique social settings that exude a warm and cosy atmosphere year round. Especially in winter, when the cold burja sweeps across the valley, wine cellars have traditionally been popular hangout spots. This tradition also gave rise to a series of wine and food events summed up under the name Vipava Valley wine cellars from St Martin's Day to Christmas which have been delighting fans of Vipava Valley wines and authentic cuisine for nearly two decades. Local winemakers will happily pour you a glass of new wine, and proceed to serve you their finest vintages from previous years. There's virtually no winemaker in the Vipava Valley who doesn't have at least one award from various wine rating events, so you're in for a real treat here. Browse the top adventures of the Vipava Valley, discover the uniqueness of local wines in the near-by wine shops or book a trip with the Winestronaut team to take you to the local winemakers and agritourism farms. The local wine culture and traditions are bound to enthral you.

The green Vipava Valley

The Vipava Valley remains green throughout the year in more than just one sense. Mediterranean vegetation and winter crops in the fields keep the landscape green even in the coldest months of the year. Locals are very proud that the Vipava Valley was also named a Green Destination based on the strict criteria of sustainable tourism. The municipalities in the Vipava Valley have been holding the Silver SLOVENIA GREEN label for a few years now, and have been joined by the municipality Miren-Kostanjevica with a golden label this year, and even more recently by the municipality of Nova Gorica with its own gold label for its efforts towards sustainability. The Vipava Valley appreciates its natural features and regards the conservation of nature as its top priority. The same importance is placed on proper management of our cultural heritage and on upholding cultural traditions. Welcome to this verdant valley! You are invited to help keep it green with your own informed choices and actions, and work with us toward a better world. This December experience the magic of our centuries old customs, and may they take you into a jolly festive season. All the best for the New Year!