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April 2019

Cycle into Paradise

The blooming valley pampers with its kindness, scenery and flavours

In the early spring, the Vipava Valley is truly a dream land for the active and those seeking the sun. When the nearby mountains are still covered in snow and the seaside is chilly and crisp, the Vipava Valley blossoms into one of the most marvellous springtime oases in this part of Europe. A gaze across the flowering fruit trees is a heart-warming sight, inviting you to hiking exploration in pristine nature, along with limitless opportunities for outdoor activities. Like any season of the year, a final touch to the valley's joys is added by the genuine local flavours, turning adventures across the Vipava Valley into unforgettable experiences.

Cycling for all ages

In the Vipava Valley, cycling is enjoyable all year round, though in spring the countless opportunities for riding in the sun acquire a uniquely special character. Invigorating rides across the valley and alongside the River Vipava, where many routes are suitable for families, too, will cheer you up with hospitable and interesting stops along the way. The ancient town of Vipava with the famous delta spring of the eponymous river, the city Ajdovščina with its extraordinary Ancient Roman heritage, the medieval hamlet Vipavski Križ with its fort and monastery, Nova Gorica with its parks, roses and cultural landmarks ... Not to mention the villages in between, offering a delightful variety of local specialties. With their unforgettable views over the flowering landscape, the Vipava Valley's hills call to the serious cyclist, while renting an e-bike will make them accessible to anyone. At each stop in the friendly picturesque villages, the local agritourism farms and winemakers invite you to taste the home delicacies of the land. Choose one of the top adventures offered by the local guides and discover the secret corners of the Vipava Valley. The uniquely different qualities of the landscape also excite fans of mountain biking . The Nanos Plateau, the Trnovo Plateau and the slopes rising over the valley are like a big natural sports park, where mountain biking trails of various challenge levels await. The experienced local guides know all the best routes and can also organize rides to the starting points of cycling tours: guided by friendly professionals, organized cycling tours are one of the valley's top adrenaline experiences, ending with cheerful socializing and the tasting of home treats at a local farm. Have we sparked your curiosity? Visit one of the tourist information centres in the Vipava Valley where they will be glad to offer advice on your choice of route and provide you with cycling maps.

A wondrous diversity of hiking trails

All the beauties of the Vipava Valley can also be discovered on foot. The valley, its hills and the steep slopes of the surrounding plateaus are webbed with numerous hiking trails exciting visitors all year round. When was the last time you drank water straight from the purest source? The last time you snapped a smiling group photo with blossoming cherries in the background? How about the pleasures of resting in a cool wine cellar after a relaxing day of hiking in nature? In the Vipava Valley, many fresh experiences await, along with the excellently guided hiking for hedonists trips. From the tallest peaks of the Nanos and Trnovo plateaus, you can capture fantastic views reaching all the way to the sea. The Banjšice Plateau likewise invites with its countless shades of green, awakening into spring slightly later than the lowlands. Now is the perfect time to hike the Vipava Valley!

Springtime dishes and young wine

As you're likely to know, the Vipava Valley treats its guests to dishes that go literally from the garden to the plate. The king of the Easter festivities here is the home dry-cured prosciutto, served with fresh horseradish and golden-yellow butter bread. Easter this year comes at the end of April, so the festive table can also feature the season's first asparagus, white or green, wild or cultivated, these are always delicious! Naturally, any dish in the Vipava Valley is perfectly paired with choice local wine. Over the winter, wines of the 2018 vintage have matured in the local cellars and it's now time to taste their fullness & distinctive local character. Don't miss the traditional Socializing with Pinela on Planina, an event showcasing one of our most interesting indigenous old varieties. For a delicious bite, take advantage of the season by visiting the Month of Local Cuisine starting on 22 April as part of the festival Flavours of the Vipava Valley. Selected restaurants during this time offer premium menus built around genuine local flavours. House ingredients, fresh herbs from the garden and love that surrounds the preparation of the valley's traditional dishes will likewise pamper your palate in any of the other local inns and agritourism farms.


Interesting events in April

  • Planina: Socializing with Pinela, 22.4.2019; in the old school building on Planina, winemakers from the Vipava Valley present their noble Pinela wines
  • Vipava Valley: Month of Local Cuisine, 22.4. to 20.5.2019; selected restaurants from across the valley showcase their finest flavours and recipes of traditional local cuisine
  • Kamnje: Easter Hike to the Mala Gora, 22.4.2019; a traditional hike commemorating the mowing of high mountain meadows on Mala Gora
  • Ajdovščina: Rally Vipava Valley, 26. – 27.4.2019; the biggest sports event in the Vipava Valley offers spectacular thrills and a night race through the city centre
  • Trnovo, Nova Gorica: Nova Gorica Maypole – Furenga, 30.4.2019; folklore celebration depicting the cutting and carting of the maypole from the Trnovo Forest to Nova Gorica


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