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September 2019

Friendly Sunrays and Traditional Grape Harvest

The season of the Vipava Valley’s greatest charms

The heat is easing up, but the Summer hits of the Vipava Valley keep on inviting to the exploration of new discoveries. The vineyards and cellars now offer the favourite local attraction of all, the genuine Vipava Valley grape harvest, providing next to the diligent picking of grapes abundant opportunity for merrymaking and enjoyment. The sun is kind these days, pampering recreational and adrenaline sports enthusiasts with perfect temperatures and daytime still long enough for carefree enjoyment in nature. In September, the Vipava Valley is simply magical!

Discover the secrets of the Vipava Valley's wines

Have you ever wondered what secrets go into making premium wine? Would you like a chance to explore diverse vineyard sites, the distinctive particularities of growing different grape varieties, and the first steps of working the freshly picked fruit? In the Vipava Valley you can satisfy your curiosity, delving into the marvellous world of winemaking in the uniquely characteristic way of the land. The winegrowers and winemakers have been preserving their legacy for over a thousand years, developing new ways of cultivating and fermenting grapes. Locals love talking about their vineyards and wines, happy to see every visitor and treat them to an unforgettable tasting with a side of good stories and home treats. Take advantage of the opportunity and join the Winestronaut team on a genuine grape harvest experience. Interesting adventures and the secrets of local wine are also accessible through other guided tour providers. While the valley is fragrant with sweet grape juice, don't miss the traditional Vipava Valley Grape Harvest event, the biggest local harvest celebration in the main square in Vipava with over half a century of unbroken tradition.

Cycling between castles and vineyards

Before the grapes are fully picked and the vineyards change into their radiant autumn colours, you can embark on a cycling adventure across the unique winegrowing landscape sprinkled with mansions and castles. Naturally, castle and wine have much in common, including vacant roads simply perfect for a relaxed cycling trip. In fact, cycling between castles and vineyards is one of the Vipava Valley's top experiences. Veteran local guides, who know the countryside inside out, will take you on a delightful journey. And if you feel like staying in the cellar for a while, they'll get you to bed safe and sound, too.

Relaxed hike or daredevil adventure?

The Vipava Valley is famous for its many ways of spending time in lush nature. Simply look around and choose a direction for your hiking adventure. To the gentle hills or to the slopes? Ask at the nearest tourist information centre and they will gladly advise you on the most suitable route. A selection of distinctive hiking offers which, in line with local hospitality, also include culinary delicacies, are found among our amazing experiences. The Vipava Valley fosters a special type of hiking, hiking for hedonists – enjoyment with all the senses!

Now is also a great time to catch the many adrenaline challenges offered by the Vipava Valley. SUP riding down the River Vipava, bungee jumping and the adrenaline park will soon be saying their goodbyes for the year, while mountain biking, paragliding and rock climbing run smoothly in the Vipava Valley all year round. Action! Choose your favourite adrenaline experience to fill you with new energy and take you to the hidden corners of the beautiful Vipava Valley.

Interesting events in September

  • Solkan: Soča Rowing Regatta, 7. 9. 2019; race down the River Soča in kayaks, canoes and rafts, from the Solkan hydroelectric power plant to Podgora hill in Italy
  • Vipava: Vipava Valley Grape Harvest, 13 till 15 September 2019; celebration of the harvest with a storied tradition
  • Nova Gorica: Holiday of the City Municipality of Nova Gorica, September 2019; entertainment, cultural, sports and culinary events celebrating the municipal holiday

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