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November 2019

Hiking with purpose

Holding on to tradition and conserving pristine nature

The Vipava Valley ranks among the top 100 most sustainable destinations in the world. Compiled by the organisation Green Destinations, the list also includes other tourism destinations from Slovenia on a similar course of sustainability, putting the country among the top green destinations in the world. Visit the Vipava Valley where leisure is designed to support nature conservation and preserve its authentic way of life. Welcome to this green valley that is fully committed to remaining green and sustainable.


St Martin’s Day celebrations, open wine cellars and osmica open doors

In early November, specifically on St Martin's Day, must is turned into wine according to ancient tradition, giving rise to the biggest and merriest rural events of the year – St Martin's Day celebrations. Enticing young wine is here and now is the right time to get a taste of the new vintage that is starting to develop its character. On the farms across the countryside, St Martin's Day is traditionally celebrated with all who helped with the grape harvest. The numerous small customs that accompany the feast are a way of preserving the precious tradition that remains in touch with nature, and reflects man’s gratitude for a good harvest. In line with this old tradition, big St Martin's Day celebrations take place in various villages and local inns across the Vipava Valley. St Martin's Day marks the beginning of a series of popular wine-related events summed up under the name Vipava Valley wine cellars from St Martin's Day to Christmas which treat visitors to tasty local wines, excellent home-style cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, and demonstrations of old customs. During this time, several osmica open doors also attract visitors. A local curiosity, an osmica is an occasional tavern in which winegrowers can sell their home-produced wine for a week or ten days, and indulge visitors with home-made dishes. Catch any of these events before the year is over and enjoy some good home-spun cooking to boot. We welcome everyone as this helps us keep the traditions alive and well.

In the footsteps of Matija Vertovec

Every November, on the first Sunday following St Martin's Day Sunday, you can join hikers on the biggest organized hike across the Vipava Valley. The hike in the footsteps of Matija Vertovec traverses villages where the famous priest, vintner, and author Matija Vertovec lived and worked, teaching the people of the Vipava Valley about wine. In addition to being a fun outdoor event, the traditional hike offers a fascinating glimpse into the culture of wine-growing and wine-making in the Vipava Valley, which has been continuously evolving since the days of Matija Vertovec, culminating in today’s outstanding local wines. Hikers are met with a range of natural and cultural landmarks along the way, as well as hospitable locals who love to offer their home-grown, fresh produce. Join the hike, explore the fascinating local features and have a memorable day!

A tree for Cerje

The Vipava Valley is very proud of its wonderful natural landscape. Due to its high biodiversity, a large part of the valley and the surrounding plateaus fall under the protection of Natura 2000. Environmental protection has been consistently and systemically at the forefront of local efforts, not only in protected areas but also beyond. Seeing as the conservation of pristine nature is such a priority for locals, the August wildfire, which swallowed 100 hectare of protected forest in the Karst of Gorica, was a massive blow. The fire destroyed the Park of Peace in the immediate vicinity of the Peace Memorial on Cerje, where the well-known Walks of Peace run past the vestiges of WW1. The scorched trees, now lost forever, on the scenic hill of Cerje offer a truly a devastating sight. The management of the Memorial therefore launched a green campaign with the name A tree for Cerje to raise funds for new trees and restore the forest. Come visit Cerje and take in the amazing views of the Vipava Valley, the Julian Alps, the Friulian Plain, and the Adriatic Sea. The Peace Memorial in Cerje also houses valuable art and history artefacts just waiting to be discovered. Take a walk along the Walks of Peace, and feel free to donate for a new tree. Our amazing nature will appreciate it.