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July 2019

Our Summer Hits

Get to know and taste the difference. Experience more.

The Vipava Valley offers uniquely different experiences year round. This summer in particular it boasts a special range of activities aptly named “Summer Hits of the Vipava Valley“. The best guided adventures and outdoor activities, great wines and food from the valley, local landmarks and lovely accommodations offer an abundance of opportunities for a memorable time-out. Jump head first into something uniquely different, discover the hidden gems and experience more in the Vipava Valley.

Explore the whole gamut of uniquely different experiences

How many fun things can you undertake, how many pretty places can you visit and how many extraordinary flavours can you experience in a day? Frankly, as many as you want! Vipava Valley is full of surprises everywhere you go. Discover your personal summer hits. We are sure that you will want to tell your friends about them time and time again. After your initial infatuation with the strikingly green and pristine landscape you are bound to be infatuated with the distinct flavours as well. The wines of the Vipava Valley boast an ancient tradition. The winemakers and local wine shops invite guests to wine tastings featuring the famous old native varieties. The valley's culinary offer is deliciously diverse as well. There are several restaurants offering fine dining options, while inns and agritourism farms offer their famous rustic dishes, making it a point to always incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The Vipava Valley was made for outdoor activities and adrenaline sports: cycling, hiking, paragliding, climbing, riding and much more is available year round in the Vipava Valley. In the summer you can opt for SUP tours on Vipava River, go bungee jumping or visit the adrenaline park. Whatever you decide to choose, it all comes back to discovering the beauty of the Vipava Valley. Don't miss out on the region's natural sights and the wondrous karst features. A wealth of fascinating stories is revealed by the region's cultural landmarks: castles, mansions, churches, monasteries, museums and galleries paint a picture of the rich past and the creative present of the Vipava Valley.

Pick your favourite activities, have a taste of the world of flavours and experience more!

Summer hits of the Vipava Valley

All summer long, from 15 July to 15 September, the Tourist Information Centres in the valley will carry the brochure Summer Hits of the Vipava Valley, in which you will find over eighty suggestions for memorable experiences, gastronomic treats and lovely accommodations in the Vipava Valley where you are invited to stay a day or two longer than intended. The brochures are also available with all providers of experiences, wine, food and accommodation included in the campaign.

Summer hits bring rewards!
Choose 3 activities from the brochure, try them out and get your stamps. Collect three stamps and leave your address to get a lovely reward by mail to remind you of your uniquely different experiences from the Vipava Valley for some time to come.

Refreshment in clean waters

Summers in the Vipava Valley can get really hot, therefore the region’s pristine nature is a great place to find some respite. The Trnovo Forest Plateau and Nanos Plateau provide shady hiking and cycling paths. Inexhaustible sources of refreshment in the valley are its rivers and springs. In Ajdovščina you can take a walk along Hubelj River right up to its source and take in the abundance of tree species on the educational nature trail. When in Vipava don't miss the uniquely delta-shaped spring of Vipava River. Its springs and inlets spanned by many bridges give the town its distinct character. A wealth of invigorating luxury is to be found in the downstream area of Vipava River. The scenic meanders interspersed with playful rapids create a wonderful natural setting that provides a home to numerous bird species. For a unique perspective, you can take a guided SUP tour on Vipava River and navigate past the overgrown, lush banks. You can also take a nice dip in the river or go for a more urban summer swim in the lovely pool complex of the Sports and Recreation Centre Ajdovščina.

And don't forget: Vipava Valley boasts excellent potable water. Quench your thirst without concern and without unnecessary plastic bottles!

Event Highlights in July

  • Nova Gorica: Summer Scene, 21 June to 31 August 2019; a varied offering of entertainment and cultural events in the centre of Nova Gorica
  • Vipavski Križ: Summer in Vipavski Križ, 15 June to 31 August 2019; every Thursday entices guests to visit the picturesque piazza with its myriad concerts and intriguing theatre and movie shows
  • Vipava: Summer in Vipava, 15 June to 14 September 2019; open-air cultural events in the stunning ambience of Vipava's old town

Find out more about July events here.