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May 2019

It's Time to Explore the Flavours

A wealth of treats and natural wonders

Many consider May the year's most beautiful month. It's a time of green grass and cheerful youth, an inexhaustible inspiration to the poets, the season of illustrious weddings. In the Vipava Valley it's the perfect time to explore delicious local flavours as the earliest cherries, mouth-watering asparagus and even rose petals appear on the local plates, conjuring up that characteristic uniqueness our guests just can't resist. The tasting of the valley's generous gifts is rounded out with a glass of imaginatively paired Vipava Valley wine. In the meanwhile, blossoming trails call to hiking adventure amid the scenic natural landmarks. May in the valley is charming indeed!

You Never Forget your First One

Springtime brings delightful experiences that can't be matched by the shopping mall offer, no matter how perfect it gets. Fresh, just-ripened produce from the gardens and orchards connects man with nature, sparking the memory of genuine seasonal flavours. Yummy, red cherries! In the Vipava Valley, they ripen sooner than elsewhere. They'll continue to pamper you all the way up to mid-June but the first ones are always the merriest. By the lower stream of the River Vipava, fresh asparagus is already waiting, too, and the village Orehovlje in mid-May organizes the annual Asparagus Festival. The event and the local inns then offer choice asparagus dishes. In the meanwhile, the city of Nova Gorica, whose symbol is the rose, literally bursts into fragrant bloom. During the Nova Gorica Festival of Roses, which yearly thrills visitors till the end of April, you can also go see the famous collection of old Bourbon roses in the garden of the Franciscan Monastery in Kostanjevica. Did you know rose petals can also be eaten? It's not just a marvellous flower but also a curious treat and wholesome spice. Rose dishes feature on the menus of many distinguished restaurants and inns in Goriška. Have you tried one yet? Like the first love, the first taste is never forgotten!

Flavours of the Vipava Valley at the Zemono Manor House

This year, too, the wealth of noble local flavours is being presented at the traditional event Flavours of the Vipava Valley, the valley's biggest culinary festival which runs at the Zemono Manor House. The renaissance jewel near Vipava, enchanting with its vistas and hedonistic legends, is famous for the stellar cuisine of the restaurant Gostilna pri Lojzetu and its chef Tomaž Kavčič, one of the top two restaurants in Slovenia to have been awarded a celebrated four hats by the internationally acclaimed culinary guide Gault & Milliau. The finest Vipava Valley winemakers present their offer at the festival as well, with a focus on old indigenous grape varieties and natural winemaking. There's also plenty of opportunity for the tasting of local dishes and the delicacies prepared by the festival's international guests. As part of the festival, the Month of Local Cuisine when select restaurants in the Vipava Valley prepare special culinary masterpieces, lasts till 19 May. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to sample the best the Vipava Valley has to offer.

Ultra Trail Vipava Valley

Long-distance trail runners chose the Vipava Valley as the setting of one of their most challenging races, the UTVV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley. The reasons for this are as numerous as the miles underfoot: unspoiled nature, wonderfully diverse terrain, great organization, hospitable locals, large audiences and many, many more. Across the steep slopes and peaks of the Trnovo Forest Plateau, from the village Sveta Gora by the Italian border to Cerje and Trstelj, across Branik to the Vipava Valley hills and finally the Nanos Plateau, trails of various lengths are marked for this extraordinary race. Cross-country runners traditionally compete in categories 100, 50 and 30 km, while this year introduces an additional 100 mile category. A week before that, the Sky run at 16 km and the City run at 10 km are scheduled along the route, which includes the most beautiful trails across the Vipava Valley and offers incredible views, attracting growing numbers of runners all year long. The trails are also popular among hikers, who in the Vipava Valley next to the sporting challenges enjoy a wealth of hospitality and superb cuisine. Come visit the exciting race and cheer on the athletes! No doubt you'll be tempted to walk at least part of the trail, perhaps even go for a run.

Interesting events in May

  • Osek: Hike from Lijak to Sekulak, 19. 5. 2019; energy-themed hiking path offers a pleasant relaxing experience
  • Vipava: Student Wine Festival, 24. 5. 2019; festival traditionally organized by the students of the School of Viticulture and Oenology in Vipava

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