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August 2018

So Close to World Wonders

An idyllic starting point for unforgettable trips

The Vipava Valley brings to life dreams of ideal vacations. In marvellous nature, where the serenity of the countryside soothes the spirit, you'll encounter genuine hospitality, outstanding wines, premium cuisine and countless opportunities for relaxed adventuring outdoors. The calm ease of the Vipava Valley is a balm for the nerves, though if you prefer some excitement, your leisure can easily be spiced up with a fascinating trip to one of the world-famous landmarks nearby.

In the evenings, the Vipava Valley slips back into peaceful tranquillity, accompanied by the music of crickets and a glass of top shelf wine cooled to perfection.

World-famous attractions of the Kras

The characteristic sights of the valley and its many natural wonders reveal the Vipava Valley is part of the karstic world – the Kras, which thrills with its unusual geologic phenomena. Come and see them from up close! Lovers of hiking can ascend to the edge of the Trnovo Plateau, admiring the natural bridges Otliško Okno and Skozno with their breathtaking views through a natural window formation in the rock. Picturesque marvels are also the karstic river springs of the Valley's two rivers: the mountain spring of the Hubelj River turns into a proper attraction during rainy season, while the twin source of the Vipava River is known as Europe's only existing deltoid spring. Just half an hour's ride away, you can descend into the magical domain of one of the world's most renowned karstic caves, the Postojna Cave, the most frequently visited tourist cave on the old continent, where an electrical train ride will take you past great halls of stalagmites and stalactites, introducing you to the secret, wonderful and unique creature – the Human Fish found here and nowhere else on the planet. The Škocjan Caves, part of the UNESCO list of world heritage with their magnificent underground canyon and vibrant surrounding nature, are another pearl of the Kras. Exploring the caves presents adventurers with the mysterious connections between the subterranean world and the abundance of pristine drinking water in the Vipava Valley.

Unique white horses – the Lipizzaner

Lovers of all things equestrian can admire the Vipava Valley on horseback. Leisure riding opportunities and cross-country adventures will be gladly provided by the many equestrian centres and societies, which continue the valley's rich tradition of horse breeding. Daylong or multi-day trips on horseback across the Vipava Valley let you explore its remote and hidden jewels up close and personal. Nearby, less than an hour's drive away, you can visit the famous Lipica, Europe's oldest stud farm which has been raising Lipizzaner horses continuously since the 16th century. Since the age of the Habsburg dynasty, this world-famous white breed of horses has been synonymous with the Vienna school of horsemanship. In Lipica, you can meet and ride the beautiful Lipizzaner, born and bred in the Slovenian Kras. The indigenous horse was not the only treasure from these parts fascinating Vienna. The imperial court always had a penchant for the exquisite wines of Vipavska, too, now growing a worldwide reputation of stellar quality. After a tiring, memorable trip, the noble wine of the Vipava Valley awaits in an elegant glass.

Summer refreshment

In the summer heat the locals like to ascend the Nanos Plateau, the Gora Plateau or the Trnovo Forest. Tall plateaus overlooking the valley welcome visitors with notably lower temperatures and delight with their green, blossoming landscape. At the summer's peak, a trip across the Trnovo Plateau is simply a must. You can start the adventure in Ajdovščina, riding along one of Slovenia's most picturesque mountain roads, arriving through tunnels of rock to the edge of the Gora Plateau, a place of uplifting views over the land. Then, on to the Trnovo Forest to see the frozen entrance to the Great Ice Cave and its curious vegetation inversion. The entrance is pleasantly chilly, freshening you up before you continue. At the other end of the Trnovo Forest, the sunlit meadows of the Banjška Plateau await, inviting to a leisurely stroll far removed from the noisy world. From there the way descends back into the valley, to Nova Gorica where you can decide to explore the Soča Valley by passing the fabled Solkan Bridge and its massive stone arc. The river beauty in the westernmost part of Slovenia impresses with its fascinating emerald colour, crystal clear pools and variety of sports and outdoor adventures.

Exploring with the local guides

Would you like to discover every last nook of the pleasant Vipava Valley? The best experiences are offered by our guided trips, as local guides can take you into the heart of the valley's life, to the friendly houses of the locals with their delightful hospitality. Some of our most popular tours are the guided wine tasting tours, tandem paragliding and themed cycling tours.

Interesting events of the month

In August, the beat of the cultural happening is found at the Poletna Scena Festival in Nova Gorica, the Lakeness Music Festival in Volčja Draga and Summer in Vipava Valley in Vipava and the surrounding villages.

  • Vipavski Križ: The Echoes Behind Castle Walls, 15, 22, and 29 August 2018, series of three music and wine evenings within the walls of the ancient castle in Vipavski Križ, presenting performances by talented musicians
  • Volčja Draga: Lakeness Music Festival – 4 concert days, from 16 to 19 August 2018, featuring stars of the domestic and international music scene
  • Ajdovščina: Pivomanija Beer Festival, 1 September 2018, staged in the Pale Sports Park, the festival offers not only a wide selection of craft beer but also special limited edition batches

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