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November 2018

Wine Tastings are the Greatest Hit!

Welcome to the wine cellars of the Vipava Valley

Lonely Planet, the famous travel guide, delighted the Vipava Valley with outstanding recognition. Ranking Slovenia as one of the top 10 best value destinations worldwide, one of its six reasons to visit was precisely wine tasting in the Vipava Valley. The great news comes at a perfect time, right before the Feast of Saint Martin, the year's biggest wine holiday. Grape juice has matured into wine, and the cellars of the Vipava Valley invite visitors to their extraordinary tastings between St. Martin's Day and Christmas.

Vintage of the century?

This year, the Vipava Valley was gifted with truly exceptional winegrowing conditions, bearing grapes of tremendous quality. The winemakers are unanimous in their view it was a vintage without compare in living memory. What will the wine will be like? Is 2018 poised to become the vintage of the century? It's too early to wager on that, but the young wine is already up for tasting. At the start of November, when Saint Martin turns grape juice into wine according to ancient tradition, the Vipava Valley becomes a place of merry Feasts of St. Martin. To show gratitude for the bounties of the harvest, the farmers invite everyone who lent a helping hand to the tasting of new wine and tables laden with home treats. St. Martin's Day is far more than just a pleasant family holiday. Many winemakers, Vipava Valley villages as well as inns and restaurants prepare feasts during this season of joy, with ample opportunities to taste outstanding local wines and genuine home dishes. The doors of the wine cellars will remain open till the final days of December. The series of events under the umbrella title Wine Cellars of the Vipava Valley between St. Martin's Day and Christmas thrills with its diversity of custom, folk traditions and delicious range of home dishes from local ingredients. Naturally, wine tastings are the greatest hit, since the Vipava Valley boasts a splendid richness of grape varieties and stellar quality of wines. A paradise for wine lovers!

Uniquely different hiking and culinary experiences

In autumn, the Vipava Valley impresses with breathtaking views. Vineyards dress up in lavish hues spilling between red and yellow against the backdrop of the still-green valley, the hiking trails at its outskirts already covered by a crunchy cushion of leaves. It's an amazing time for short and long hikes in all directions, exploring the Vipava Valley and discovering its top adventures. Just before snowfall, the Gotrek team invites you to adventure the green shades of the Trnovo-Banjščice Plateau, an unforgettable trek across forest trails and cart tracks in a landscape of endless meadows and sinkholes, the deep forests of the Trnovo Plateau and the charming rocky peaks of its mountains. At the other end of the valley, amidst ancient villages and wine cellars, you can treat yourself to a hiking-culinary experience in the winegrowing hills with the Wajdušna team. The easy-going hike features stops at the wineries, tastings of wines and a wholesome traditional lunch on a tourist farm. As you venture the Vipava Valley in these autumn days, you'll be perpetually greeted by the lovely persimmon, the golden-yellow last fruit of the year, enriching seasonal cuisine with its breath of sweet plenty. Most popular are the persimmon desserts, simply a must!

A popular hike along the landmarks of winemaking tradition

The Vipava Valley is literally webbed with interesting hiking trails, which in the past represented the shortest routes between the villages, cultivated land and forests. Picturesque trails, exciting hikers with lush Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful views, are also highly popular among the locals. A curious tradition of the land are group hikes, organized by the locals during celebrations or to preserve folk customs. By far the most popular group hike in the Vipava Valley is the traditional Hiking in the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec, each year attracting thousands of visitors. The hike traverses the living and working places of priest Matija Vertovec, winegrowing authority, vintner and great teacher of the valley's winegrowers. Those attending spend the day on a joyful walk between the villages, where hospitable locals invite to the tasting of home delicacies. The atmosphere of these meetings is jovial as can be! The Hiking Trail in the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec is well marked, providing hiking pleasures all year round.

Don't forget, the Osmica open door events are here again

During Saint Martin's day, many winemakers in the Vipava Valley open their doors for traditional Osmica week-long open door events. The historical way of selling wine and other produce at the farm attracts many lovers of genuine home treats. Check the dates, various Osmica events will be open all the way till December.