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August 2017

Uniquely challenging. Uniquelly different.

Be captivated by the vigour and inspired by the local esprit

Boundless authenticity amidst sweeping greenery. This is what first stands out to the people when they come to the Vipava Valley. In the peak of summer, the luscious green gets intertwined with golden hues of ripening fruits. This is a hint for the hikers to unwind, relish the tranquillity and take delight in the surrounding liveliness. The region offers adrenaline-filled sports event, indescribably beautiful hiking and biking trails, the option to soar among the clouds, and a repertoire of wine cellars and inns that offer delectable wining and dining options. 
Nothing is impossible. Today and all year round.

Seeking out new vistas

Of course, the Vipava Valley would not be what it is without the crags, plateaus and hills, which encase it. In fact, we would miss out on a very special world – delightfully cool in the summer and teeming with exciting gallivanting opportunities. Keeping cool should be easy in the Nature Reserves on the Trnovo Forest Plateau, in the frost hollows or in the famous Big Ice Cave. All of these sites can be reached on foot or by bike. The Trnovo Forest Plateau, specifically its eastern part called Gora, and the Nanos Plateau are a veritable paradise for hikers and cyclists. The steep slopes that ascend 800 meters high offer a number of challenges for sports and recreation. The plateaus are skirted by attractive hiking and cycling trails, boasting astonishing views of the valley and the Adriatic Sea. The views get more spectacular as you ascend higher. Scattered along the trails are popular mountain lodges that beckon you to a cosy stay. Pick your own challenge. In the evening when you are back in the valley, you can replenish your energy levels with home-made comfort foods.

This summer’s most adrenaline-filled day out​

Adrenalin will fill the air on the first Saturday in September. As a matter of fact, the adrenaline rush will be double as two power packed events will take place on the same day in the Pale Sports Park Ajdovščina. The third WOTR (Wajdušna Obstacle Trail Run) will kick off before noon and take runners through the town of Ajdovščina. The running competition is a unique highlight on account of the amazing obstacle course and the varied track, and attracts more and more competitors and viewers. Once WOTR is finished, the adrenaline baton will be passed to the cyclists. For the first time ever in Slovenia, the Pale Sports Park will host a European Four-Cross (4X) Series ride, as part of the three-day Ajdovščina Bike Festival. The festival programme also features a race for the B4X Slovenia Cup which will leave spectators speechless during the attractive dirt jump routines. At the same time, the traditional craft beer festival Pivomanija will be held in Pale to the delight of craft beer lovers.

Culinary tip of the month​

You are invited to any of the highland farms to combat the blistering summer heat by embarking on a culinary journey through the authentic local flavours. Serene mountain getaways offer traditional dishes in an idyllic, homey setting of agritourism farms where you can fill your lungs with the refreshingly cool air. Adjacent to the popular paragliding take-off site at Kovk, you will find the Penzion Sinji vrh. It has a mouth-watering culinary offering and stunning views that also lend themselves to art colonies. The Nanos Plateau, which is especially notable for its hiking paths and cycling trails, beckons with the local cuisine provided at the famous Abram Agritourism Farm. Both farms offer organic food, and visitors are advised to make bookings in advance. During this time the valley abounds with succulent Vipava peaches, which are honoured at the annual Peach Festival (held in the village of Prvačina) where you have ample opportunity to get your fill of this delicious golden fruit.

Event highlights in August

  • Prvačina: Peach Festival from 4 to 6 August 2017. Peach market, showcasing of peaches and other traditional cuisine, horse riding, carriage rides and other fun events.
  • Vipavski Križ: The Sound of the Castle Walls, on 16 Aug, 23 Aug and 30 August 2017. Cycle of three evenings revolving around music and wine, featuring talented musicians from the region. Takes place on three consecutive Wednesdays in August. 
  • Ajdovščina, Otlica: Angelska Gora Mountain Race, 27 August 2017, at 9:30. Start of the mountain race at the Hubelj sping in Ajdovščina. Race finish in Otlica.
  • Ajdovščina: Kašev letni vrt, August weekends. The Ajdovščina Student Club (KAŠ) organizes events in the Pale Sports Park focusing on concerts of various genres, movie screenings and workshops.

August has in store a roster of cultural and entertainment events that take place as part of popular summer festivals, e.g. Poletna scena, Poletje na Vipavskem and the Lakeness Festival.