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June 2017

Totally Local

Surrender to the allure of unique events, flavours and stories

The Vipava Valley charms with its genuine spirit. All around, in the lush nature, the lovely towns and welcoming villages, you'll discover the local way of life, inviting, storytelling, pampering with delicious flavours. Treat yourself to an adventure, experience the land the way it truly is!

Local delicacies and sparkling festivals

Vipavski Križ is one of Vipava Valley's most recognizable gems. This tiny, picturesque medieval town with its churches, monastery, and castle ruins greeting passers-by from a pleasant little hill, is certainly one of Slovenia's most beautiful cultural and historical monuments. In the month of June, Vipavski Križ invites you to tastings of the best local wines of the indigenous Zelèn variety and a selection of home delicacies enjoyed between its ancient castle walls, in the charming town square and delightful alleys imbued with stories of this once mightily important piece of land. The traditional Zelèn Wine Festival, whose first edition occurred in Vipava in 2012, has now been running in Vipavski Križ for the second consecutive year, impressing guests with a presentation of the noble wine variety, a specialty of the Vipava Valley winemakers united in the Zelèn Consortium. The holiday of unique wine comes with an engaging cultural and winemaking program, running alongside the town's traditional Fair Days with their ample offer of home produce and crafts – certainly not a month to miss in the Vipavski Križ!

Cherries and apricots​

Sweet juicy fruit, in these parts maturing quite early, has for centuries carried the reputation of the fertile Vipava Valley across the region, drawing comparisons to the Garden of Eden. The first cherries paint the vale red in early May already, and the last ones depart their branches in the final days of June. A selection of varieties and flavours of this royal springtime treat will please the curious palate, whose greatest discovery is a delicious home cherry strudel. As the cherries say their goodbye for the season, the sunnier slopes already nurture ripe apricots, another staple of the upper Vipava Valley. Especially famous are apricots grown in Budanje, a village overlooking the Pilgrims' Church in Log, where the old local variety Budanje Apricot will surprise you with its mouth-watering aroma. Great apricots are also at home in the village Planina above Ajdovščina. A hint: jams made with local apricots are absolutely heavenly! So, treat yourself to a visit of a traditional Vipava Valley farm and savour the sweetness of fruit ripened to perfection.

The exciting richness of Vipava

Under the watchful slope of the Nanos Plateau, by the delta spring of the River Vipava – the only one of its kind in Europe, the town of Vipava has been flourishing for millennia, displaying a fascinating collection of natural and cultural landmarks. Celts and later the Romans lived in the settlement, whose medieval economic and cultural progress is evident in its castles, with the Renaissance and the Baroque leaving their distinctive marks on the local buildings, too. Below, the many bridges across the forked springs of the River Vipava invoke sentiments of Venice, the parish church displays breathtaking frescoes, and a stroll down the quaint little town alleys will lead you to an actual Egyptian sarcophagus ... Vipava has many exciting surprises in store, not least of all its renowned wine shop offering a selection of top local wines to go with the culinary treats of the many inviting family restaurants. Inquire for information and guided tours at the Vipava Tourist Information Centre.

Featured events in June

  • Vogršček: Vipava Valley Cross Festival, 17 and 18 June 2017, two-day festival, duathlon and triathlon in swimming, mountain biking and running organized by the Triathlon Club of Ajdovščina
  • Lokavec: Lokavec Cherry Festival, 3 and 4 June 2017, a sales exhibition of cherries, farmers' market, fascinating ethnologic program; on Sunday a sightseeing tour through the cherry orchards and landmarks of Lokavec
  • Tabor above Dornberk: Tabor Musical Evenings, 2 and 3 June 2017, instrumental and choral music in the rustic ambience of the village Tabor
  • Vipava: Summer in Vipavska - Summer concert of the Vrhpolje Brass Band, 25 June 2017 at 20.30 hours at the Glavni Trg square in Vipava
  • Volčja Draga: Lakeness Music Festival, between 25 May and 3 September 2017, concerts and cultural events, sports and children's activities; more information