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April 2017

Races and hikes

Cherry blossoms are ushering in opportunities for new adventures

The valley put on its best attire. Apricot, peach and cherry blossoms painted the valley and its hills with pink and white tones, and all shades of green line the lush, budding slopes. It is time for new adventures full of spring energy.

Seductive flavours of local wines

Friendly village Šempas turns into a wine capital on the first weekend of April. Wine and olive oil makers flock the village every year for the traditional Wine and Olive Oil Festival. This is an event wine lovers should not miss. It is a unique opportunity to taste wines from all three Slovenian wine-growing regions and abroad. Especially prominently featured are traditional local varieties known far and wide. Visitors can also taste the best olive oils, which are awarded special recognitions by the Gorica Olive Oil Makers’ Association on this occasion.

Power, stamina and adrenaline

Steep slopes and high peaks around the Vipava Valley offer much more than beautiful landscapes and a picturesque background for the green valley. They are crisscrossed with popular and hidden trails that attract hikers. Steep climbs and colorful paths on edges of the hills are especially appealing for mountain runners and bikers who can visit the trails all year round due to the mild Vipava climate. This is where the 360° Vipava Valley Festival was born, featuring two international races – an ultra-trail race and a mountain biking race. This extreme test of power and stamina is a real sports festival, drawing crowds of cheering supporters. Steep climbs and winding local roads are also perfect for adrenaline junkies. This is the venue of the traditional Vipava Valley Rally, the biggest sports event in the valley that welcomes thousands of rally racing fans.

Where to eat well?

The Vipava Valley is a unique and perfect natural training ground for various sports activities, and it will also fascinate visitors with its cuisine. Will you be watching the extreme races at the 360° Vipava Valley Festival? You can visit one of the mountain lodges or agritourism farms next to the course and see for yourself that they offer much more than just gorgeous views of the valley. Vineyards are part of the Vipava Valley Rally backdrop, so the event also offers plenty of opportunities for tasting local delicacies. Visit one of the winemakers or treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience at one of the agritourism farms. Culinary events are also a great chance for tastings, and “Socialising with Pinela” at Planina on Easter Monday sounds especially intriguing.​

Interesting sports events in April

  • Vipava: The 4th Slap – Lože Cycling Race 2017, 2 April 2017, four categories; 42 or 63 km course around Vipava
  • Vipava: Tura Climbing Weekend, 7–9 April 2017, climbing at Tura campsite and in sectors of the Vipava climbing site
  • Vrtojba: XC GRIČI – cross-country mountain biking race, 17 April 2017, Vrtojba–Bilje Hills

Traditional group hikes

Group hikes are one of the most popular athletic events in Slovenia, and the Vipava Valley is no exception. In April you are invited to: