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July 2017

Where even the sun shines differently

Summers here are cheerful, exhilarating and memorable

The sun-kissed Vipava Valley has hot but enjoyable summers. The high plateaus beckon hikers to cool down in the refreshing shade of the forests. Meanwhile, the valley offers refreshment in rivers and charming wine cellars. After an active day out, people tend to appreciate the diverse relaxation offering to be had here in the evenings. Culinary delights, gallivanting though the villages or visiting any of the local events will make your day. Be sure to discover the authentic character of this area!

Nothing beats local

The Vipava Valley retained its authentic soul. Sojourners marvel at the landscape, its natural beauty and extraordinary cultural heritage, intertwining in magical harmony. The area still has many ancient traditions that are regularly revived at traditional events. Are you interested how a farm-made polenta tastes like? Would you like to see old-school grass mowing customs? Visit any of the attractive local events and experience something different. The local wine cellars are an inexhaustible source of delight. The Vinoteka Vipava wine shop and TIC Vipava beckon all summer long to wine tastings held across more than twenty wine cellars renowned for their exquisite wines and unparalleled hospitality. 
Your hosts are quick to offer a plate of cured meats, crispy fresh bread and other typical delicacies of the local cuisine to go with your preferred glass of wine, and recount their wine history. Every one of them has their own story and they are all captivating. For more information and bookings please contact TIC Vipava.

Laid-back summer evenings

Social gatherings, cultural events and entertainment are essential for creating an easygoing summertime atmosphere. Towns and other quite unexpected venues across the Vipava Valley offer opportunity enough for pleasant experiences in cool summer nights. 
The traditional roster of events called Poletna scena in Nova Gorica will be particularly diverse, seeing as the town, which is actually the youngest town in the country, celebrates its 70th anniversary. Every night from end of June to early September, there will be at least one cultural or entertainment event available for you to attend. 
A vivacious vibe echoes through Vipava, where the event series Poletje na Vipavskem colours summer evenings in various shades of fun. The grand opera performance taking place in the striking courtyard of the Lanthieri Mansion is a particular highlight. 
Visitors flock to the Valley to attend established music events such as Rock Batuje, the Blue Notte Festival and Lakeness Festival. More on these events here.

Ajdovščina and the millennia

Pitched alongside the Frigid River, as the Romans called the torrential Hubelj River, the former road station grew into a Roman military fort in the first century AD, with a town spawning inside the ancient walls in later years. 
Today, Roman ruins, surviving structures of medieval buildings and charming facades of 19th century bourgeois houses invite you to gallivant and explore the town’s rich past. 
On the way to the fascinating Hubelj riverhead, hikers can explore the diverse industrial heritage of this area and go see the former ironworks. The town boasts three art galleries, with the PiIon Gallery, which is set in the birth house of artist Veno Pilon, being a particular favourite, as it houses a large part of the fine artist's opus.  
Quench your thirst for knowledge by exploring the museum collection comprising a permanent archaeological exhibit and an extraordinary fossil collection. Visitors will find that Ajdovščina appeals to all senses. Saunter down the ancient streets and stop in any of the quaint bars for a glass of exquisite wine from the Vipava Valley, a pint of craft beer from any of the local microbreweries and have a lovely launch of authentic local dishes. For more information or to arrange guided tours please contact TIC Ajdovščina.

Culinary tip of the month​

The Vipava valley holds a special charm for those seeking unadulterated experiences.
The tip of this month will surely appeal to trendy people eager to embrace novelties.
The village of Vrhoplje near Vipava is noted for its excellent wine and its church with stunning mosaics, and, as of recently, also for the newly opened Theodosius restaurant ran by the team behind the successful eating establishment Gostilna Podfarovž in Vipava.
Across the valley, in the village of Ozeljan, a new restaurant called Termika opened its door in the Lijak Campsite, offering a delectable range of mouth-watering local specialties. 
Not far off, next to the paragliding take-off site Lijak, a new vegan eating establishment Ku dobro has mushroomed. Have a lovely meal!

Event highlights in July​

  • Vipava: Nabucco (opera), 7 July 2017 at 21:00 hours, courtyard of the Lanthieri Mansion; the legendary and still universally beloved opera by Verdi will be performed by the Slovenian national opera and ballet company.
  • Ozeljan: Polenta Festival, 8 and 9 July 2017. The castle garden in Ozeljan will host the traditional ethnological and culinary event that will also feature an entertainment programme. More information
  • Šempeter pri Gorici and Gorizia (IT): Blue Notte Festival, 18 to 22 July 2017. The 7th Cross-Border Festival of Culture and Music will feature a line-up of internationally renowned musicians. More information
  • Banjšice: Praznik košnje (Grass Mowing Festival), 22 and 23 July 2017. This ethnological event features a demonstration of old customs and farm chores. More information
  • Batuje: Rock Batuje, 28 July 2017. With its 15th anniversary around the corner, the traditional rock concert is a summer highlight of the wider region, and will offer a particularly remarkable music programme. More information