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February 2017

Houses of culture, houses of wine

Looking for a special kind of inspiration? Countless artists found it here.

From the foot of the Nanos Plateau to the mouth of the River Vipava, all across the Vipava Valley, there are vineyards and churches, castles and mansions, enchanting and famous old buildings whispering of unique creativity and special kinds of inspiration.

Podnanos, the birthplace of the Slovene national anthem

When Matija Vertovec, priest, teacher of Vipava Valley winegrowers and the author of Slovenia's first book on winegrowing and winemaking served in Podnanos in mid-nineteenth century, he in his enthusiastic love for the grapevine publically asked our greatest poet France Prešeren, in an article appearing in the Agricultural and Artisan News in 1843, to dedicate an ode to the noble plant. A year later Prešeren wrote Zdravljica (A Toast), our national anthem, and we'll never know if it was precisely the wine of the Vipava Valley that inspired his masterpiece which indeed praises the grapevine. What we do know is that sixty years later, in 1905, the Podnanos composer Stanko Premrl set his words to music, and the rest is history. The seventh stanza of Zdravljica was in 1989 adopted as the anthem of independent Slovenia, with Podnanos justly recorded as its birthplace.

Veno Pilon found greatest inspiration at home

Painter and photographer Veno Pilon, born in Ajdovščina, was one of Slovenia's greatest fine artists. His life led him to many foreign countries, having studied in Prague, Florence and Vienna, as well as resided in Paris for decades. The pinnacle of his painting opus are works he created at home, though, just before moving to France. In oil, drawing and graphics, Veno portrayed his fellow townsfolk, the landscape and its early-industrial buildings with masterful artistry. A loaf of bread from the home bakery, a plainly-set table and the pleasures of a good glass of wine, these were his frequent motifs. With coarse strokes of the brush and extraordinary inner sensitivity he created superb works of art, unique sights from the Vipava Valley's scenery now on display in the Pilon Gallery in Ajdovščina. More

The creativity of contemporary winemakers​

The grapevine and winemaking enjoy a venerable tradition in the Vipava Valley, which also boasts the greatest number of preserved old indigenous grape varieties in Slovenia. Today's winemakers build upon centuries of expertise, rediscovering the value of organic and biodynamic farming and a genuine relationship with nature. With great affection they tend to their vineyards and nurture their wines in the cellar. Accordingly, wines from the Vipava Valley are more than excellent, recognized far and wide. Visit one of the valley's winemakers, sample delicious home dishes and experience an unforgettable getaway. In February, when wines of the recent vintage arrive on the table, stopping by is especially recommended!

Cultural events in wine cellars

  • Ferjančič Estate, Planina 73: Concert of the Castrum Octet, 6. 2. 2017 at 19.00 hours
    With live music by the Castrum Octet whose repertoire creates a rustic atmosphere, you will sample superb Ferjančič wines and other delicacies made at the farm.
    Contact:, 041 834 013
  • B’tega Wine Bar, village of Brje: Evening of Poetry and Wine, 11. 2. 2017 at 19.00 hours
    Poetry recitals accompanied by classical music on the accordion make for a truly magical evening – ideal for tasting refined local wines and this year's dry-cured meats that just ripened to perfection in the Vipava Valley breeze. Contact:, 040 508 018

Interesting events in February

  • Ajdovščina: Slovene cultural holiday in the Pilon Gallery, 8. 2. 2017
    at 11.00 hours guided tour of Veno Pilon's permanent exhibition.
  • Podnanos: Singing in the countryside, 7. 2. 2017, starting at 17.00 hours at the stone bridge in the village centre; event concludes in the local wine cellars
  • Vipava: Concert of the Vipava Valley Tamboura Band, 5. 2. 2017 at 18.00 hours, Vipava House of Culture