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November 2017

Welcome to the wine cellars of the Vipava Valley


Explore wine trails and indulge in new wine and local cuisine

Vipava Valley is wine region par excellence. Now is the time of year in which wind gusts playfully scatter the last of the autumn-coloured foliage all over the vineyards. In the local wine cellars, must is turning into wine, and the entire valley is anxiously preparing for the traditional St Martin’s Day celebrations which are the wine highlight of the year. Around this time, winemakers open their cellar doors to let guests taste their newest wine creations, and the Hike along the Vertovec Trails beckons one to explore the rich wine legacy of the Vipava Valley. In November and far into December, wine is the best reason to come visit the valley.

Visiting cellars from St Martin's Day to Christmas

One of the largest and most popular wine routes in the country, the Vipava Wine Route snakes through quaint villages that charm with their architecture and delight with their hospitability. Visitors are most drawn to the exquisite local wines whose quality and distinct flavour increasingly earn them the highest accolades in the most illustrious international wine rating events. In early November when, according to folklore, St Martin transforms must into wine, the wine route comes alive with events dedicated to wine, taking place under the name Vinski hrami Vipavske doline od martina do božiča (Vipava Wine Cellars between St. Martin’s Day and Christmas). Traditional St Martin's Day celebrations held on farms, in bars and even whole villages serve guests new wine accompanied with a selection of hearty local dishes. But the real highlight of the festive activity in the valley are the days of Cellar Doors Open. In the period between St Martin's Day and Christmas some villages have been known for the fact that nine winemakers opened their cellars on the same day in the same time frame, turning the village into a unique venue for tasting exquisite treats and journeying through local culture. Don't miss out on this extraordinary wine and dine experience. Check out the detailed event programme.

Retracing the wine legacy

In November, when the valley is celebrating the new wine harvest, the traditional Hike along the Vertovec Trails entices one to venture out among the vine-laced hills. This year's hike will take place on 19 November, and as per usual the hikers will meet from 7 am to 9 am under the oak tree right outside of the village of Ustje. The group hike is organized to commemorate Matija Vertovec, a local priest, author and educator of the winegrowers of Vipava, who back in 1844 published a book on viticulture, vine cultivation and winemaking titled Vinoreja. The hike winds through the villages in which Matija Vertovec spent his life and pursued his noble mission. The pleasant and interesting hike offers a journey through the heritage and beauty of the Vipava Valley, and hospitable locals offer local delicacies. The living stories of viticulture and the enjoyable hiking company keep hundreds of enchanted hikers coming back. In recent years, the hike along the Vertovec Trails has become the most popular group hike in the Vipava Valley.

Culinary tip of the month

The arrival of new wine is accompanied with traditional home-made dishes. St Martin's Feast will pamper your taste buds with a variety of flavours and delight your soul with their authentic character. The mix of seasonal ingredients from the Vipava Valley, traditional recipes and the creativity of modern chefs guarantee culinary experiences par excellence. This time you are invited to the cosy Majerija in Slap to indulge in a St Martin's feast with a creative touch. A special culinary extravaganza on St Martin's Day can be enjoyed in Gostišče Podfarovž in Vipava, located next to one of the picturesque springs of the Vipava River.

Event highlights in November

The greatest treasure of the Vipava Valley is wine, so it should come as no surprise that all the important events around St Martin's Day revolve around this precious liquid. In the slew of St Martin's Day events and tastings don't overlook the fascinating, expert-oriented Wine Evening in Vinoteka Vipava wine shop, which will be held on 24 November to peel back the remarkable secrets of grape skin. For early December, an exhilarating sports event is announced: the 100km Running Tekaški izziv 100 ob Mrzli reki (Challenge along the Frigid River). The 50km, 75km and 100km race is sure to draw throngs of runners to Ajdovščina.

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