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St Paul's Hill in the embrace of the landscape park and the wood lark country

Top highlights

  • relaxing cultural circle walk in the area of St Paul's Hill
  • landscape park, views, indigenous flora, spotting the endangered wood lark
  • remnants of a 4th-century Roman water tower

Not to be missed

  • casual 4-hour education & relaxation walk led by a local guide
  • a peaceful retreat into nature at the foot of Mt Kucelj and Čaven
  • rest at Zasod with a view of the St Paul's Hill and presentation of local heritage
  • tour of the ancient Roman water tower, remnants of the water mill in Vrtovin, presentation of dry stone wall construction
  • culinary enjoyment of simple local food and drinks

The hike begins at the highest-lying settlement of the village Vrtovin, from where the journey leads past an ancient dry stone wall. The guide presents this type of construction, entered on the UNESCO world heritage list. Next is a visit of the 11-meter Roman water tower from the 4th century, the tallest preserved structure of ancient Roman technical heritage in Slovenia. At the top of St Paul's Hill, we will look at the Church of St Paul and the ruins of the Roman fortifications. The way goes on to Zasod, a hill above St Paul, where views reach all across mounts Kucelj and Čaven, the Veliki Rob ridge and more rocky cliffs. The guide will tell you about the indigenous flora, birds and animals of the landscape park. On the way back we'll stop at the Malenšček Waterfall. Finally, the weary guest comes back to a nicely set table and a splendid view to enjoy some choice local food and drinks.


  • price per person (in a 4 person group) 30 €
  • price per person (in a 6 person group) 26 €
  • price per person (in a 8 person group) 25 €


Društvo za kulturo, šport, turizem in razvoj Ortaona
Vrtovin  57 a
5262 Črniče

M: +386 (0)40 627 198