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Tracing the watercourse to St Paul's Hill

Top highlights

  • water, the source of life & a relaxing circle walk in central Vipava Valley
  • see the canyon of the Konjščak creek, the watering troughs in Slejki and in Gojaška Gmajna, the Vrtovin mills, the Malovše well
  • unspoiled rustic nature and life by the river, past St Paul's hill and its 4th century Roman water tower

Not to be missed

  • 6-hour educational-adventure hike led by a local guide
  • retreat into the wilderness shaped by water throughout the eons
  • surprise delights, local treats from the travel bundle

From Črniče, the way leads past the Čeber Waterfall and the canyon of the creek Konjščak into the village Ravne under the Tabor fortifications once protecting the region from Ottoman raids. Then through the settlement Slejki, past the shepherds' watering troughs to the tubs at Gojaška Gmajna, where the cattle historically quenched its thirst. Before a shepherds' cave, the guests will encounter travel bundles filled with local delicacies. The way continues to St Paul's Hill, where we take a look at the church and ruins of the ancient Roman fortifications. Then, on to the Roman water tower, the tallest preserved structure of Roman technical heritage in these parts, and past the old mills, sawmills and smithies to the picturesque dry construction terraces. A brief stop by the Malenšček Waterfall in Vrtovin, a return through the forest and across the stream to the villages Gojače and Malovše with a look at the village well, and on we go back to Črniče.


  • price per person (in a 4 person group) 40 €
  • price per person (in a 6 person group) 38,30 €
  • price per person (in an 8 person group) 35 €
  • price per person (in a 10 person group) 32 €


Športno kulturno turistično društvo Parapet
Črniče 27
5262 Črniče

M: +386 (0)31 582 439