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Born to rule – dressing up as castle-dwelling nobility

Top highlights

  • exploring the mysterious disappearance of the Lords of Rihemberk in the majestic Rihemberk Castle
  • medieval dress-up and slipping into the character of a member of the powerful House of Rihemberk
  • unearthing the deepest recesses of your soul and bringing out your inner knight after training in ten chivalric skills
  • savouring the delicious local cuisine in a feast inspired by the Middle Ages
  • easy-going, fun, yet sophisticated challenges such as sword-fighting, archery, axe throwing, courting, dancing, etc.
  • making a medieval-themed video about your defeats and victories as a nobleman

Not to be missed

  • a combination of team building, art and spiritual growth for small groups of up to 16 guests, extended families and fans of castle experiences
  • training in the ten arts and skills of the upper class
  • a unique historical re-enactment of the castle's heritage

Once you put on your medieval garb in the mighty Rihemberk Castle, you will take on the character of a medieval nobleman or noblewoman. Team up with other members of your group and explore the castle’s long-lost secret. In order to uncover it, you will have to delve into the deepest recesses of your being, train in ten chivalric skills, and acquire the mindset and virtues of a true nobleman – one born and raised to rule.

Embrace your new high-born identity, and capture it forever in a short video of your chivalric victories and defeats.

The experience is founded on real historical figures from the House of Rihemberk. Our hospitable Lord and Lady of the Castle invite you into their magnificent dwelling as one of their own. After all, you are the modern-day character of their long-lost 14th-century family member. Once you slip into your historical costume, you will suddenly remember the events from 650 years ago, and discover what happened to you in the late 14th century. The Lord and Lady are harbouring a secret with regard to the disappearance of your family.

However, in order to understand the motives and to find an answer to this mystery, you will have to take on the rights and duties of a nobleman, and acquire the skill- and mindset of the high-born.

What is it like to be born to rule? Get ready for historically inspired training. A castle walkthrough offers opportunities for swordsmanship, archery, axe throwing, historical dancing, chivalric poetry, singing and playing songs found in a medieval codex, minting a medieval coin, putting on plate armour, making embroidery, and honing the art of courting.

Having a common goal, will lead your group to victory, i.e. resolving the mystery of your past.

After a deliciously authentic local lunch to reward your efforts, you will be made ready for your very own medieval movie. The recording will be sent to you within a week. What a great way to showcase your newly acquired skills and virtues.

Price: from 80 € / person

The price depends on your starting point and the number of people. The experience is individually tailored to each group. Optionally, your experience can entail shooting a medieval video. Lunch is made and served by a local caterer and can be expanded according to your wishes.

The price includes:

  • 5-hour team-building session with two reenactors in historical costume
  • tour of Rihemberk Castle
  • costume hire
  • homestyle lunch
  • training in the ten arts and skills of the upper class
  • shooting a 2- to 3-minute video

Additional: we can engage a professional cameraman and editor for a high-quality video; catered lunch can be tailored to your dietary needs.

Duration: 5-6 hours, i.e., according to guest preferences.


Svitar, zavod za oblikovanje prostora, zgodovino in umetnost
Bazoviška ulica 9
5220 Tolmin

M: +386 (0)31 230 163


The investment is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund and the Centre for Creativity.