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A journey to the heyday of Rihemberk – a play tour for groups


  • a picturesque medieval castle with the highest defense tower in Slovenia;
  • a colorful program for groups that can be light or competitive;
  • love of heritage and hospitality of the castle lady and lord, who closely connect the circle of feelings between you, them and the castle;
  • an experience that immediately upon arrival draws guests into discovering the castle as active teammates in testing, discovering history and resolving humorous conflicts between the two protagonists, with which guests can easily identify.

Not to be missed

  • staging interpretations of the hosts’ castle heritage in authentic replicas of medieval costumes;
  • the use of props at certain points of the castle, which promote the individual experience of tangible and intangible heritage from the Middle Ages to the present day;
  • getting to know the natural heritage and the 12 protected species of bats at the castle within the Natura 2000 area.

For 800 years, the triple castle walls have preserved the story of the noble family who built the mighty Rihemberk Castle. Today, you will have the opportunity to discover the nobility in you in a pleasant castle atmosphere. On the way to it, Eleonora and Ferdinand, the castle lord and lady, will guide you through several stories and experiences. By imaginatively using different methods of interpretation - from participating in competitions, roles sharing, researching and artistic expression – they bring you closer to their heritage without you realizing it. You will perceive their guidance as an light game, far from today's world, in a world where nobility and playfulness always win. You will leave Rihemberk Castle more connected, joyful and richer.

Price: 12.00 € per person for groups of over 35 guests or 420.00 € per group

Duration: 2 hours

The price includes: entrance fee, play tour of the castle with the castle couple, competition in front of the entrances to the inner walls, Eleonora’s song in the castle park with a guitar lute, minting a silver coin in the functional part of the castle, climbing the castle tower with a test of nobility, axes throwing and court dance.


Svitar, zavod za oblikovanje prostora, zgodovino in umetnost
Bazoviška ulica 9
5220 Tolmin

M: +386 (0)31 230 163