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Cerje Memorial along the Walk of Peace

Top highlights

  • the Cerje Memorial is a 25-metre-tall monument, museum and observation tower
  • the seven-storey tower offers an illuminating walk though the various periods of Slovenian history, to the platform on top with a breathtaking view of the area
  • the Walk of Peace is teeming with the remains from WW1, i.e. the Pečinka cave and the stone throne of Borojević

Not to be missed

  • The tower is open to visitors
  • professional guided tours of the Cerje Memorial, the stone throne of Borojević and Pečinka cave are available
  • Cerje offers also an eatery

Atop the observation hill of Cerje, at the edge of the Karst plateau, stands a stone titan – the monument in honour of the defenders of the Slovenian territory. From here, the views of the Adriatic Sea, Friulian Plain, the Julian Alps and the Vipava Valley are more impressive than anywhere else. The museum collection sums up the history of Slovenia, and the observation platform offers an amazing 360 degree view of the landscape.

The memorial is designed as a seven-storey tower, connecting the past and future through its subject matter. Visitors can walk through various stages of Slovenian history, from prehistoric times to both world wars, and up the Slovenian Independence War. The last storey, where the observation platform is set up, is symbolic of looking forward into the future.

In the vicinity of the memorial is the stone throne of Borojević, several artillery positions and the Pečinka karst cave which used to shelter soldiers and is now a part of the historic heritage of WW1.


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