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The Lord of Paradise – secrets between the castles, waters, homesteads and vineyards of the Vipava Valley

The castle tour is destined for lovers of heritage looking for genuine cuisine, pristine nature and engaging history. The day-long immersive experience is presented by Eleonora von Reifenberg, showering your senses with sights of the wonderful valley through modern as well as historical eyes. Where lies the essence of this paradise? Is it the elegance of the mighty castle or the bounties and beauties of the valley? Step on a unique journey and discover the mysteries of the land!


  • an escape from daily reality with Lady Eleonora, straight into historical adventure
  • for an hour, become the lord of a castle overlooking the fertile valley
  • heavenly mix of cheeses, herbs and home fruit delicacies at the boundary of the Vipava Valley and the Kras
  • paddleboarding on the beautiful River Vipava
  • tending vines and grapes in the vineyard, sipping a glass of its excellent wine
  • genuine connection with the landscape, nature and locals

Not to be missed

  • unique interpretation of cultural & natural heritage
  • adventure takes you from castle to river, from village to vineyards and winemakers
  • digital reconstruction of the historical appearance and role of the castle
  • a fantastical mood where time stands still

In search of paradise, Lady Eleonora will take you from the village Branik to the medieval Rihemberk Castle. There you'll be lord for a day, encounter local history and take part in special challenges, forging your replica coin and looking into the past ...

Local delights are then explored at the Čilčevi Homestead in Pedrovo above Branik, in a fusion of flavours: cheeses, hand-picked herbs and marmalades all made on the estate. At a tasting workshop of warm and cold cheese dishes, guests are presented with a range of organic dairy products from the milk of the indigenous Kras sheep and Drežnica goat.

Lady Eleonora then takes you back to the valley watered by the beautiful Vipava River. With a professional guide you'll be paddleboarding the calm watercourse, perfectly suited for a quick bath on the gravel banks surrounded by vegetation. Here, nature unveils its primordial charm.

In search of paradise in the Vipava Valley, the winemaker is an essential stop! The Bizjak winemaking family will take you to its carefully tended vineyards where the story of wine begins. In the cool wine cellar, served with home meats and bread, you'll be tasting five of the winery's outstanding wines ranging from fresh to macerated and oak-aged.

Feeling the call of paradise yet? Next to wonders and curiosities, a deep rest is waiting for you in the peaceful Vipava Valley.


  • price per person (for 2 persons) 275,00 €
  • price per person (in a 3 person group) 230,00 €
  • price per person (in a 4 person group) 195,00 € + transportation
  • price per person (in a 5 person group) 173,00 € + transportation
  • price per person (for 6 persons or more) 159,00 € + transportation

The price includes:

  • day-long guidance of a professional heritage interpreter in historical costume from the Svitar heritage institute;
  • visit of the Rihemberk Castle: immersive tour with Lady Eleonora and the minting of your memorial coin (1 hour)
  • tasting workshop with 6 courses of cold and warm cheese products at the Čilčevi Homestead (2 hours), tour of the rustic village Pedrovo (30 minutes)
  • SUP rental and paddleboarding on the River Vipava with a Supadventure guide (30 minutes to 1 hour)
  • vineyard tour with seasonal tending of the vines (30 minutes), wine tasting outdoors, tasting of 5 selected wines in the Bizjak Wine Cellar (1,5 hours)
  • transportation: Branik – Rihemberk Castle – Pedrovo – Vipava River – Steske – Branik

Additional offer: purchase of artisanal cheeses at the Čilčevi Homestead or superior wines at the Bizjak Winery.

Duration: between 5 to 6 hours or according to wishes; adventure starts at 8.30 and finishes between 14.00 and 15.00 hours.


Svitar, zavod za oblikovanje prostora, zgodovino in umetnost
Bazoviška ulica 9
5220 Tolmin

M: +386 (0)31 230 163