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Vipavski Križ and a different lunch

Spend a day between the stories of old.

The walled medieval town of Vipavski Križ is one of Slovenia's most beautiful cultural history monuments. Easy to spot when arriving to the upper Vipava Valley, it beckons from a hillock over the motorway, inviting travellers to peek inside its ancient secrets. The ruined castle and medieval houses huddled between its walls tells stories of an age when this little town was the economic and administrative centre of the upper Vipava Valley. After a stroll down its enchanting old alleys you can visit the Capuchin monastery with its extraordinary wealth of baroque artworks and extensive library.

From Vipavski Križ, a short drive will take you to the nearby village Kamnje at the foot of mounts Čaven and Kucelj, recorded already in chronicles from the 14th century. In fact, a preserved Kamnje manuscript from the 16th century is the only known Glagolithic alphabet text ever recovered in the Goriška region. A sight worthy of seeing is also the centuries-old great bridge, at the time of its construction the biggest structure in all the Vipava Valley. Simply by walking around you will also get to see much of the delightful characteristic local architecture, with the many yarded homesteads and their distinctive stone entrance portals.

Taking the regional road west from Kamnje in the direction of Nova Gorica, you will pass the village Črniče which boasts one of the most famous tourist farms in all of Vipava Valley. The Arkade Cigoj Agritourism Farm is renowned far and wide for its outstanding cuisine, unsurpassable dry meats and excellent wines. The family will gladly tell you about its history, the special ways they dry their amazing prosciutto and the love they bestow upon their old grape varieties. Dining in Črniče is an experience in a class of its own.

A satisfying lunch is best followed by an interesting walk, something provided the circular walking route Črniče–Tabor–Školj sv. Pavla–Črniče with its many stories. The first sight you'll encounter are the anti-Ottoman fortifications above Črniče, one of the biggest archaeological sites in the Primorska region. A bit ahead, the next exciting site is the lookout hill Školj sv. Pavla with its 11 m tall ancient water reservoir, the oldest preserved Roman architecture of such height in these parts. From there, an easy walk will take you back to Črniče.

The medieval tales of the charming Vipavski Križ, the curious remnants of the past encountered in the villages of the valley, its beautiful landscape and the culinary delights offered by its genuine farmsteads make for a truly unforgettable experience.

Vipavski Križ is best visited with a local guide. Tours of the Capuchin monastery require a prior appointment.

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