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From pasture to fireplace on the viewing balcony of the Vipava Valley


  • beautiful views of the Vipava Valley and the Kras
  • charming village Pedrovo
  • meeting domestic animals, herb gathering
  • visiting a cheese farm
  • open fireplace cooking

Not to be missed

  • tasting goat and sheep cheese and other riches of the Kras meadows
  • traditional cooking, open fireplace and seasonal local ingredients
  • art gallery
  • one day / half-day experience

The Vipava Valley hides many little villages where time flows at a slower pace. Some were deserted as recently as decades ago, but are now once again blooming with creative energy. Hand in hand with nature, the land is home to many culinary specialties.

We'll be visiting Pedrovo, a quaint old village at the northern edge of the Kras Plateau overlooking the entire Vipava Valley. There's a cheesemaking farm to see, colourful meadows to stroll and friendly sheep and goats to pet. An abundance of wild herbs may be picked from the great natural market of biotic diversity. Getting back to the village we'll collect the eggs from the henhouse and taste delicious sheep and goat dairy products. With the herbs, eggs and cheeses in stow, we're on our way to the neighbouring agritourism farm to see how the locals performed their cooking in centuries past. On the open fireplace you'll be making lunch from fresh local produce alongside the chef, enjoying tasty foods of the Vipava Valley and its remarkable wines. After lunch, there's also the artistic world of the gallery on the village outskirts to visit.


  • 2–3 persons: 60 € / person
  • 4–6 persons: 55 € / person
  • 7–8 persons: 50 € / person

The price includes: guidance, goat and sheep dairy tasting, lunch.
Children up to 6 years free of charge, children between 6 and 14 half-price.


Ekološka kmetija Toncevi
Pedrovo 9
5295 Branik

M: +386 (0)40 348 464