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GOLDEN RING: an unforgettable cheese experience

Top highlights

  • Golden Ring: an unforgettable cheese experience
  • An intimate cheese experience with Golden Ring Cheese
  • Visit to the underground water reservoirs in the heart of Mt Sinji vrh

Not to be missed

  • The story of Golden Ring      
  • Get to know the entire cheese-making process
  • A truly personal cheese experience
  • Guests can press their own cheese wheel which will age in our facility
  • Golden Ring certificate
  • Two-day experience

Day 1

4 PM: an afternoon start of the unique cheese experience on Mt Sinji vrh (970 m) which you can access by car. You will be welcomed with the house herb schnapps and a notebook in which write down your impressions. Surrounded by the breathtaking view of the Vipava Valley, you will acquire the basic information about the location, its history and the programme. Then you will get the keys to the rooms. Before dinner, the guests visit the underground water reservoirs and familiarise with the cheese-aging process. During the meal, the guests will enjoy the local dishes prepared by Pension Sinji vrh, while we highlight the importance of integrating the art in the culinary world and the connection between art and cheesemaking. The visitors will be introduced to the tradition of arts on Mt Sinji vrh.

Day 2

7 AM: breakfast
8 AM: general information on hygiene standards, instructions for work in the cheese factory and presentation of the process in the aging facility. Visit to the Krapež farm where we collect the milk.
from 9 AM to 5 PM (lunch at noon):

– learning the process of Golden Ring cheeses
– practical experience and workflow: heating the milk, curdling, cutting the coagulated curd, grain drying, salting, pressing into cheese moulds, production of albumin curd etc.
– guests can press their own wheel of Golden Ring cheese
– finishing work: cleaning and disinfection

6 PM: return to Mt Sinji vrh
7 PM: dinner with cheese tasting

Day 3

8 AM: breakfast
9 AM: preparation and wrapping in cotton cloth. Preparation of cheese labels
11 AM: return to Mt Sinji vrh
1 PM: lunch
2 PM: conclusion and Golden Ring certificates

After aging for four months, the participants will receive their very own wheel of Golden Ring cheese by mail.
The experience is for a group of max. 8 people.

1 to 4 persons: €600 / person
4 to 8 persons: €550 / person

Included in the price:
– two-night full-board stay in Penzion Sinji vrh
– welcome drink (house herb schnapps)
– notebook and pen
– guided tour of the underground water reservoirs
– story of Golden Ring
– visit to the Krapež farm
– personal experience and work in the cheese factory
– very own wheel of Golden Ring cheese aged for four months
– Golden Ring certificate


Penzion Sinji vrh
Kovk 19 a
5273 Col

M: +386 (0)31 836 813