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SunSet cycling excursion

Top highlights

  • tasting of wine from the Vipava winegrowing region
  • scenic views all the way up to the summit
  • romantic sunset with an amazing view of the Vipava Valley, Adriatic Sea, the Alps and the Dolomites

Not to be missed

  • tasting of wines from the Vipava Valley
  • riding e-bikes over picturesque trails with amazing sights
  • unforgettable active timeout with a local tour guide
  • bottled water to keep you hydrated during the trip
  • half-day trip 

The trip is split into a cycling part and tasting part. The cycling excursion starts in the Saksida Camp in Zalošče. The start of the trip depends on the beginning of the sunset. Despite the long ascent, the cycling excursion is not very challenging. However, some basic cycling skills are required. The trails are mainly gravel, and run through forests and vineyards. The trip takes about 2.5 hours. Atop the hill, you will be treated to a wine tasting, for children there will be fruit juice. In line with local tradition, the wine tasting is accompanied with local treats. Authentic flavours will make the spectacular sunset even better.

The trip will not take place in bad weather. 

Please wear appropriate footwear.

Price: 95.00 € per person.

Price includes: guided cycling excursion with a local guide, e-bike and helmet rental, water, wine tasting.


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