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Discover the soul of the medieval Vipavski Križ and the exquisite flavours of the Vipava Valley

The idyllic medieval Vipavski Križ invites to a relaxing exploration of historical events in the ancient town, one of the world's smallest merchant cities, and the flavours and scents of the bountiful Vipava Valley. The Vipavski Križ, walled within the perimeter of its castle in the Middle Ages, was for centuries a historical trade and cultural centre of the valley. Here, lively trade used to flourish in Vipava Valley wine and produce. The quaint little town now plays a beloved setting to wine festivals and various cultural events.

Discovering the soulful Vipavski Križ is a simply perfect adventure for couples and families. The enchanting energy of this picturesque town, its stories and welcoming people present a weaving tapestry of culinary and wine experiences, fragrances and flavours.


  • stay in a marvellous photogenic house at the crossroads of Vipavski Križ alleys
  • guided tour of the medieval Vipavski Križ with a local guide and the stories of the town; digital reconstruction of the castle in two different historical periods
  • guided tasting of local vegetable and fruit products
  • cooking – preparing your own dinner – from local ingredients and traditional recipes with a professional chef
  • evening pampering under the stars in an olive orchard near your accommodations
  • cycling with e-bikes and the visit of a wine cellar
  • children's animation program while the parents are enjoying themselves

Not to be missed

  • two-day experience includes accommodations in the medieval Vipavski Križ
  • all food and drink is perfectly local, sourced and prepared by the people
  • children's animation program with interesting stories of historical life in Vipavski Križ; available in the evening and during the early noon cycling trip to the wine cellar
  • all tastings also include non-alcoholic beverages

Day 1
Upon arrival to Vipavski Križ in the early afternoon (parking is nearby and free of charge), around 15:00 hours, you'll be accommodated in the Villa Irena, an adorable house with a pleasant garden. The local guide Patrik will be taking you on a tour of the medieval town, unveiling its mysteries. In the Vipavski Križ Castle you can use your smartphone to see a digital reconstruction of its historical appearance. Afterwards you'll be visiting the Gifts of Vipavska, a wine bar, shop and tasting room of the Vipava Valley's most delicious products. You can sample a range of juices, syrups, marmalades and vegetable spreads, a great introduction to the dinner prepared in Villa Irena together with chef Julijana from the Strelec Restaurant at the Ljubljana Castle, a local of the Vipava Valley and ambassador of its flavours. Under her guidance you'll be preparing three typical Vipava Valley dishes and, of course, enjoying them. After dinner, it's time for pampering in the olive orchard near Villa Irena. In the romantic candle-lit corner you can enjoy privacy, savouring a glass of champagne and your massage or aromatherapy. Kids in the meanwhile take part in activities, stargazing with their animator and hearing stories of medieval knights and ladies ...

Day 2
The day starts off with a delicious breakfast in the Gifts of Vipavska shop, made with local treats. The parents then receive e-bikes to cycle to Planina, a characteristic Vipava Valley village above Ajdovščina. Stopping at the Štokelj Wine Cellar, you'll be received by the family and served a tasting of their amazing wines. In the meanwhile, the animation program in Vipavski Križ takes your children to the castle grounds to prepare magical potions and play at medieval gentry.

When tasting is done, the parents are transported back to Vipavski Križ to finish their adventure by browsing souvenirs and local products in the Gifts of Vipavska shop.

Additional offer: purchase of local products and souvenirs.


Darovi Vipavske
Vipavski Križ 8
5270 Ajdovščina

M: +386 (0)31 393 753