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Ajdovščina through the eyes of Veno Pilon

Exploring millennia-old traces in Ajdovščina, which grew on the foundations of an ancient Roman Castra fortification, will excite adventurers and those in search of creative inspiration. Ever since the early centuries AD when the Roman Empire's might was setting the course of European history in these parts, a variety of cultures have been leaving their legacies here at a meeting place between worlds. From these, rich inspiration was drawn by Veno Pilon, celebrated Slovene expressionist painter and multi-faceted artist.

Embark on a discovery – as seen through the eyes of a master painter, sense the vibrant local culture through its culinary delights, and finally express your emotions on the canvas by creating your own painting. Unique and unforgettable!


  • journey along the historical traces of two millennia in Ajdovščina, among remnants of the Castra fort and the oldest preserved Roman walls in Slovenia, in a town still characterized by the buildings of the great industrial revolution at the turn of the 19th century
  • explore the rich local heritage through the eyes of expressionist master Veno Pilon, finding the real-world landscapes featured in the painter's imagery
  • guided tour of the Pilon Gallery and its permanent collection
  • a surprise meeting with old baking tradition
  • paint your own canvas under the mentorship of an academy-trained artist
  • a special gourmet experience connecting local lore with the modern spirit, and arts with the cheesemaking craft

Not to be missed

  • meet local culture in a unique way, in genuine interaction with the town and its people
  • immersive enjoyment with the locals presenting their arts and crafts
  • an active experience speaking to your senses and stirring creativity
  • the painting you create will stay with you as a priceless token of your vacation

The adventure begins in the old city core with a brief presentation of Ajdovščina, the Roman Castra fort, centuries of mingling between cultures and the later industrial boom, all leaving their historical marks on the city and offering a glimpse of upcoming experiences. The guide is bringing an empty painting frame and several images by Veno Pilon.

Strolling the city, guests explore the rich history of Ajdovščina and the once-independent settlement Šturje on the other bank of the River Hubelj. While adventuring, the company looks for parts of the landscape that were immortalized in the works of Veno Pilon. With the empty painting frame, the perspective of particular artworks can be precisely observed.

The walk wraps up at the Pilon Gallery where guests are received by the custodian, touring the permanent exhibition of Veno Pilon and finding out details about the artist's life and work.

Since Pilon was the son of a baker, growing up in the family bakery which is now his dedicated gallery, the guests are up for a pleasant surprise: with the baking master Erik Dietz we'll be kneading dough and preparing our own baked goods!

While dough is rising, guests are received by cheesemaker and artist David Ličen in his neighbouring house of arts Lična Hiša. Under his mentorship, the guests will be painting their own artwork, portraying their impressions of Ajdovščina, its heritage and their sensations. The creations will be bound into a small arts catalogue.

Before the adventure's end, guests taste an assortment of Golden Ring cheeses with David, this time in the role of cheesemaker, combining them with typical local wines. A specialty of the tasting are the baked goods freshly made by the participants.

Additional offer: purchase of graphics, souvenirs, and artisanal cheeses.


Wajdušna (Burjatik d.o.o.)
Župančičeva ulica 1 c
5270 Ajdovščina

M: +386 (0)41 232 548