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Adrenaline getaway under the Solkan Bridge and onto Mt Sabotin

For those seeking sporting thrills, adventures and historical settings, a perfect experience connects the Solkan Bridge with outdoor activities, and the Isonzo Front of the Great War. The Solkan Bridge, a masterpiece of construction from 1906, is the biggest railway stone arch in the world and the starting point of this unique experience.

Couples, groups up to five and families can escape into the beautiful embrace of the River Soča and the world of engineering, adventure parks and caverns of the First World War; still echoing with the history and bravery of that tremendous conflict. While enjoying local dishes and drinks, you'll be immersed in the atmosphere of World War One.


  • adventure park activities
  • presentation of the Solkan Bridge and lunch underneath
  • e-biking to Sabotin for a guided tour of the military tunnels and remnants of the Great War
  • beer bath and dinner in the officers' cavern, socializing in the canteen and sleeping in the tunnels
  • kayaking under the Solkan bridges, swimming across state lines in the River Soča
  • baked Soča trout and a special surprise

Not to be missed

  • two-day sporting experience, requires a moderate level of fitness
  • sleeping in the caverns isn't very comfortable, but it's certainly unforgettable
  • seasoned local guides will take you on a thrilling adventure
  • local dishes and drinks served in unusual places, nature and tradition along the River Soča

Day 1: Solkan – Sabotin
The experience begins in the Solkan kayak center or at the railway station. We'll be taking a raft across the River Soča to the adrenaline park, enjoying two hours of fun that ends in a 300 m zipline to the other riverbank, 40 m above water surface.

Next is a stroll to the Solkan Bridge, famous as an engineering marvel of its era. Your lunch is waiting under the massive stone arch, serving dishes from a local restaurant. The impressive bridge was rebuilt according to original design after it had been demolished during the Great War.

For the next discovery, we're heading to Mt Sabotin on e-bikes to the remnants of the notorious Isonzo Front by the River Soča. The destination is an old military barracks on Sabotin where host Bogdan greets you with a traditional soldiers' welcome. After resting a while, guests visit the Great War Museum collection before delving into the wartime caverns, surrounded by stories that shaped the history of this place and the entire world.

Accommodation is provided in a unique setting – wartime caverns – featuring an evening program with a historical flair:

  • beer bath (for couples or groups),
  • tasting of Reservoir Dogs craft beer (6 samples),
  • soldiers' dinner in the cavern with military cutlery at candle light
  • sleeping in the Great War tunnels.

Day 2: Sabotin – Solkan – Gorizia (Italy)
After a rich breakfast we're biking on to Solkan. The trail leads through the village Podsabotin, past the Valentinčič agritourism farm to the Italian part of the Goriška Brda and the village Oslavia with its Ossuary dedicated to fallen Italian soldiers of the First World War. From there, on through Piuma across the Torrione Bridge over the River Soča, amidst charming fields of Solkan and back to the town and its kayak center. Then, a coffee stop on a scenic terrace overlooking the river.

The brief rest is followed by kayaking under the triple bridges of Solkan to the border and the challenge of swimming the cold River Soča across state lines, following the route of post-war refugees fleeing westward.

The lunch brings its own quest. On the platform of the old water pump once refilling steam locomotives, guests will prepare their indigenous Soča trout assisted by a professional. The fire is ready but the fish still needs cleaning; roll up your sleeves and feast on baked trout!

At the end of the fun, each participant receives a farewell surprise.


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