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The Treasures of Rihemberk Castle – a research tour of the castle for families

Top highlights

  • connecting game for families, couples and groups in a magical castle environment;
  • Rihemberk Castle, which with its image of a complex medieval fortress under an exceptional defensive tower is a unique venue for adventurous;
  • coin minting on blacksmith tools with the help of medieval castle inhabitants.

Not to be missed

  • searching for and touching hidden objects that testify to the life of the nobility in history;
  • interpretations of cultural heritage designed especially for treasure hunters
  • learning about the history of Rihemberk Castle and its uniqueness in the area between the Vipava Valley and Karst;
  • discovering the typical building development of a medieval high-altitude defensive fortress into a luxurious aristocratic home.

If the spirit of a treasure hunter and castle heritage lover is hidden in you or your children, the Treasures of Rihemberk Castle are a real light adventure for you. Once upon a time, Rihemberk Castle was inhabited by a mysterious nobleman who, in order to preserve the memory of the castle's prosperity over the centuries, hid small objects from the castle's history around it. In the crack of a thick stone wall in the castle tower we found a hidden map that leads us to the hiding places of these little treasures. The secret author of the map knew the history of the castle very well and he wanted us to get to know it as well. He left us a riddle with the map.

Price: 10.00 € / game

The price includes: a map of Rihemberk Castle on handmade paper, minting a replica of the Albert II of Gorizia coin made of aluminum, introduction and conclusion of the game with the castle gatekeeper in the reconstruction of a medieval costume, independent researching of the castle and hidden objects and learning about its history via QR codes.

Additionally: entrance fee to the castle, silver coin, no telephone version: a box with documents with information about objects and castle buildings.


Svitar, zavod za oblikovanje prostora, zgodovino in umetnost
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