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Cheese farm visit and cycling trip into the heart of the Trnovo Forest Plateau


  • discover the local cheesemaking tradition
  • culinary delights, home dishes
  • cycling across the Trnovo Forest and a visit of the Ledenica ice cave
  • historical monument and beautiful views on the plateau

Not to be missed

  • folk stories of life on the Trnovo Forest Plateau
  • cheese farm visit, making cheese from the milk of pasture cows, dairy tasting
  • cycling through the unspoiled nature of the Trnovo Forest

On the Trnovo Forest Plateau, you'll be discovering pristine nature and primordial woods.

The day begins at a homestead going back to the year 1768, now the home of a cheesemaking farm with 20 years of tradition. The lady of the house will help us prepare milk for curdling and present the artisanal cheesemaking procedure, while the husband serves home cheese from the local pastures. Stories will be told of the daily life of the dairy farmer and then, we're ready to visit the cows in the meadows. Animal company ends with a lunch of local dishes.

In the afternoon we bike into the green Trnovo Forest. The area is protected as a botanical and forest reserve, whose greatest distinction is the interplay of surface and subterranean karstic phenomena with the remnants of glacial processes. The fascinating nature will be explored during cycling, followed up by a visit to the Ledenica ice cave that, in the olden days, produced ice transported by cart all the way to the Bay of Trieste, and from there even to Egypt!

At dusk we'll be climbing Mt Kobilnik above Trnovo, to the monument of the fallen soldiers of the Second World War who resisted fascist occupation in these parts. A panoramic view of the Vipava Valley and Mt Nanos, of the Kras and both Goricas concludes our stay. When the weather is nice, the vista reaches all the way to the sea.


2 persons: 270 € / person
4 persons: 195 € / person
4–8 (10) persons: 180 € / person

The price includes: visit of cheese farm and dairy tasting, lunch, bicycle rental (including electric bikes), trip guidance and organization.
Extra charge: shuttle transport.


Nika Špika

M: +386 (0)40 661 080