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Walking the trails of the Isonzo Front

Top highlights

  • exciting outdoor adventure
  • emerald River Soča
  • the Isonzo Front, remnants of the First World War's caverns and tunnels

Not to be missed

  • excitement in the adrenaline park
  • ziplining across the beautiful River Soča
  • a guided hike to Mt Sabotin with lunch in a former Yugoslav Army barracks
  • guided tour of the museum, ditches, tunnels and remnants of the First World War's frontline
  • one-day experience, approximately 8 hours

The group meets in the yard of the Solkan Kayak Centre, joining the adrenaline park's experienced instructors. After a brief presentation we'll be boarding a raft and crossing the beautiful River Soča. On the right bank lies the Soča Fun Park, where two hours of adventures among the treetops await under the instructors' guidance, finishing with the "daredevil's descent" for the brave: a 300 m zipline flying you back to the left bank from 40 m of elevation.

Next is a departure from Solkan across the Solkan Bridge towards the top of Mt Sabotin. The destination is an old military barracks where you'll be greeted by the manager of the former Yugoslav Army station, now a mountain lodge and museum. Sabotin is most famous as a battlegrounds of the notorious Isonzo Front of the First World War, which raged across these very hills. As a Park of Peace it now reminds visitors of the senseless atrocities of war, and the value of international harmony. After touring the wartime caverns and hearing the stories of our past, we'll be returning home.

Price per person: 65 € 
Availability: March–November 
Group size: 8–50 persons 
Price includes: welcome drink, activities in the adrenaline park, guided hike to Mt Sabotin, lunch in the mountain lodge, visit of the museum and wartime caverns of the Isonzo Front.
What to wear: Sports clothing, sneakers, sunglasses.


ProAktiv sport, gostinstvo in turizem d.o.o. 
Pot na Breg 11 
5250 Solkan

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