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Top adventures

Top adventures

MUST DO in the Paradise Valley

Discover unique local specialties, meet rich cultural heritage and luxurious flavours, treat yourself to heavenly experiences

Green Adventures

Experience our green lifestyle and try our green products in the pristine natural environment, all while discovering the unique landscape defined by the vineyards

Culinary pamperings and wine adventures

Taste perfection, fall in love with authenticity

Cycling trips

Explore the beauties of the land and its countless stories

Adrenaline experiences

Daring cliffs, singletrack routes, take-off points, clear waters and depths

Along the traces of the past and local specialties

Discover the landmarks and richness of tradition at the meeting place of cultures

Family experiences

Enjoy pristine nature in peace

Active escape

A new twist on your favourite activities


Surrender to the easy beat of the paradise valley

Trip destination tips

Discover the famous uniqueness your friends will be happy to hear about

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