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Holiday Season in the Paradise Valley

In the Vipava Valley even the holiday season is special. The mild climate makes it perfect to wander or explore the winter wonderland by bike and visit one of the events organised in the valley.

Thanks to the traditional Vipava Valley Wine Cellars between St. Martin’s Day and Christmas, you can taste the new wine, explore the local oenology culture and indulge in local flavours in the pristine atmosphere of wine cellars.

The nativity scenes the locals adorn the streets and alleys, windowsills and homes with just add a glimmer of magic to the charming holiday season. See where you can admire them this year.

Are you already thinking where to spend New Year's Eve? Looking for more information about the osmica open doors or traditional events? Would you like to experience the holiday season in the city? You can search the calendar of events to learn more about the rich programme during the holiday season in the Vipava Valley. Never mind if you do not understand Slovenian, simply ask the locals who will gladly help you find the perfect event or visit one of our information centres.