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Wine and Gastronomy Festival Okusi Vipavske

Display of Authentic Regional Delicacies

Taking place in mid-May, when the darling buds of May are in full bloom, the Festival Okusi Vipavske (Flavours of the Vipava Valley Festival), set right at the heart of the Valley, pays homage to the locally grown and produced wine and food. This traditional event draws the finest winemakers, fruit and vegetable growers, and creators of unique flavours which are thought to be the most representative of the Vipava Valley.

The two-day affair offers visitors premium wines and superior culinary creations, fascinating workshops and demonstrations, as well as a market of local delicacies and specialty wines from abroad. Have a memorable experience in a scenic setting!

The Month of Local Cuisine (Kulinarični mesec) is a staple of the annual Okusi Vipavske main event, with ample opportunity for culinary delights. Twenty restaurants from across the Valley seize the opportunity to entice their guests with exquisite selected dishes and authentic local menus. The participating restaurants, their menus and prices are available here.

The Festival Okusi Vipavske is organised by the Regional Development Agency ROD from Ajdovščina in cooperation with local winemakers.

Programme 2024

Festival Okusi Vipavske, 19 and 20 May, 2024
Month of Local Cuisine, from 19 April to 20 May, 2024