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Giro d'Italia 2021

Retrace one of the biggest international bicycle races

On Sunday 23 May, the 104th edition of Giro d’Italia, Italy’s biggest sports event, will take a detour through Slovenia. Stage 15 of Giro d'Italia will dip in and out of Slovenia over the hills of Goriška Brda through Nova Gorica and Gorizia, Italy. Reaching 800 million viewers in 198 countries, you are invited not only to watch the broadcast of the peloton making its way through Slovenia during stage 15 of Giro d’Italia but also to ride the famous loop route before or after the race.  

Discover the conurbation of two Goricas

Feel the youthful vibe of Nova Gorica inspired by numerous cultures colliding in this intriguing part of the world at the intersection of the Vipava Valley, Soča Valley and the hills of Goriška Brda. A laidback cycling tour across town reveals an abundance of buildings designed by leading Slovenian post-war architects. Take in the sight and scent of the resplendent roses, the town’s symbol. Stop in a lovely coffee shop and feel the town’s lively vibe as you watch its people going out and about their day.

The peloton of top cyclists will cross the border on Europe Square, right where the conurbation of two Goricas stands as a bright beacon of harmonious co-existence between two border towns. Step off your bike on Europe Square so that you stand with one foot in Slovenia and with the other in Italy for a unique intercultural experience. The integration in this cross-border area is evident in the cultural sphere as well – the cities are proud to have been named the European Capital of Culture 2025.

Challenging ascents and unforgettable views

Take a ride to the near-by Solkan and marvel at the Solkan Bridge with the biggest stone arch of any railway bridge in the world, straddling Soča River. Overlooking the river is the ancient pilgrimage site of Sveta Gora which is a popular and challenging cycling destination. On the other side of the river looms Mt Sabotin with the Peace Park which commemorates the Isonzo front and rewards cyclists with splendid views.

Retrace this year’s Giro, ride through the town and up to Kostanjevica Monastery which holds the spectacular Škrabec Library and the crypt of the Bourbon dynasty with the remains of the last descendants of this French royal family.

One-of-a-kind wine & dine experience

Between each leg of your tour, pamper body and soul with exquisite food which is a hallmark of these parts. The premium ingredients and rich culinary heritage rank this little Paradise as one of Slovenia’s top culinary hubs. As such it was also recognized by various high-profile culinary guides.

As the day draws to an end and your bike is safely stored away, spruce up your experience of the Slovenian leg of the Giro: pay a visit to the ancient stone villages peppering the Vipava Valley with their agritourism farms and winemakers and taste their local wines and delectable home-made food.