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UTVV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley

The Toughest Endurance Challenge

The Vipava Valley was practically created for outdoor sports. It is especially popular among mountain runners and mountain bikers as it provides the right conditions for training and outdoor sports year round. So it is not a coincidence that the internationally acclaimed UTVV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley, combining mountain run and a city run, took such deep roots in the Valley. Every spring, the Valley, steep slopes, high plateaus and hills put the physical and mental fitness and endurance of the contestant from around the world to the test, inviting them back with excellent cuisine and friendly locals.

The UTVV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley is the most high-profile event with the biggest attendance. The race truly pushes the contestants’ limits and is an exceptional viewing experience for their supporters. The Ultra Trail offers a total 5,550 metres of ascent.

The Ultra Trail race is set up over the highest summits overlooking the Vipava Valley, and its vine-laced hills. Supporters of the runners and cyclists can cheer them on along the track or from any of the stations in the mountain lodges, agritourism farms or winegrowing estates. The lists of race tracks and stations in individual competitions are available here.

Programme 2020

UTTV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley, 15–16 May 2020

Emperor (UTVV 160): start 15 May at 6 pm from Ajdovščina
Centurion (UTVV 100): start 16 May at 12 pm from Ajdovščina
Gladiator (UTVV 50): start 16 May at 8 am from Vipavski Križ
Legionar (UTVV 30): start 16 May at 10 am from Vipava
Asterix (UTVV 16): start 16 May at 5 pm from Vipava
Obelix – hike & wine: start 16 May at 12 am from Vipava