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Socializing with Pinela

A feast of home wines & local dishes

Pinela is an old grape variety today growing exclusively in the Vipava Valley. Among the old local varieties successfully preserved by the valley's winemakers, which also include the indigenous Zelen, the distinctive Pinela boasts quite a special place. Its delicate vines require a wise choice of site and a considerate winegrower. Pinela found its ideal growing conditions and the love of dedicated winemakers in Planina above Ajdovščina. The ancient village, scattered across several fertile hills, is today known as the home of Vipava Valley Pinela. In honour of this uniquely special, extraordinarily drinkable white wine, Planina has been organizing a celebration for over a decade, titled Socializing with Pinela.

The annual feast traditionally begins with mass in the little Church of St. Paul, from where marvellous sights across Planina and the Vipava Valley are enjoyed. From there, between the hillside vineyards, guests may stroll to the old village school where Pinelas from the entire Vipava Valley are available for tasting. The celebration brings together Planina's own winemakers and all others who cultivate this darling Vipava Valley variety.

While tasting Pinela, guests may sample a variety of homemade foods. The local ladies, winegrowers of Planina, pamper visitors with their genuine treats spiced up with a contemporary touch. A tasting pause here can be a refreshing guided walk among the surrounding hillside vineyards, while folk songs are heard under the great linden tree in the village square.

Socializing with Pinela is organized by the society Soudan from Planina, which unites local producers.

Programme 2024

Socializing with Pinela, 1 April 2024 from 4 pm till 8 pm

Old school building on Planina, Planina 58, Ajdovščina

Admission 20 €, glass deposit 5 €.

Information:, TIC Ajdovščina