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Relaxation by the River Vipava

Refreshment and the experience of primordial nature

The River Vipava springs out literally in the middle of the ancient town Vipava, under the steep slopes of Mt Nanos. Its unique source is a natural landmark and a rare phenomenon worldwide. From many karst springs, the river flows together in the shape of a reverse delta, a unique formation in Europe. Thus, the settlement Vipava is webbed with many small channels crossed by numerous bridges. The delta spring of the River Vipava is a landmark you can't miss!

From here on, the River Vipava winds the Vipava Valley, at first in a lively then ever more languid pace for about fifty kilometres, to its outfall into the River Soča in the Italian Savogna. Its banks along the entire way are verdant, lush and picturesque, representing a priceless natural area that offers shelter to many birds and other animals. The locals are committed to keeping the waters clean, and so populated with many species of fish. Want to catch some? Fishing is a beloved pastime in the Vipava Valley, especially fly-fishing. Get yourself a fishing pass and enjoy this relaxing activity with your family in beautiful nature.

In the summer months, the River Vipava also offers plenty refreshment. A rest in the shade of tall trees accompanied by the melody of songbird, perhaps after your cycling or hiking trip, will do wonders for your mood. Splashing in the clear pools of the river will excite the kids, while the banks and their diversity of flora and fauna make for a proper natural classroom. The River Vipava also offers a host of water sports. Popular paddleboards and kayaks are available for rental along with the necessary gear, at the local providers of guided tours on the River Vipava.