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Fairytale Rihemberk Castle and charming village Pedrovo

Surrender to a momentary escape into history.    

At the edge of the Vipava Valley, touching the outskirts of Kras, the imposing Rihemberk Castle is sure to catch your attention. Since 12th century, one of Slovenia's biggest and most beautiful castles has been writing stories shaping this place and its people. Pass through the massive castle gates and let your imagination run free. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of medieval nobility, climbing the tallest castle tower in Slovenia from where enchanting views open over the village Branik and the green surrounding hills. How many vineyards and church bells can you count? True, the castle no longer houses noblemen and knights. But did you know there are still creatures living there? Several colonies of endangered bats have made it their home. If you see them sleeping peacefully, please don't interrupt.

The lush nature, part of the Natura 2000 protected area, is best experienced leaving your car at the castle and walking to the village Pedrovo. About a kilometre's walk uphill, a sign will direct you to the right. A narrow path cutting through a bright forest will lead you to your destination some 2 kilometres ahead. The tiny Kras-Vipava village appears as if frozen in time, on one side protected by forest, on the other opening to the valley, it's been preserving its traditional lifestyle for ages. This settlement of 20 houses or so huddled around the Church of the Holy Spirit had nearly died out after the Second World War, but is now being revitalized. Inhabitants of the small locale preserve the local custom, living in harmony with nature and its gifts.

Eco agritourism farm Toncevi invites you to fill your bellies with genuine homemade food. Kids will be thrilled by the frolicking goats and sheep at the Čilčevi Eco Farm, wandering the dry karst meadows below the village. The farm prides itself on rearing their Karst sheep and Drežnica goats, so make sure to sample their organic cheese and other dairy products in the ambience of their own cheese dairy. An artistic touch to the village is added by the Artes gallery of fine arts. In the village, you can also rent a modern rustic apartment or room. Those looking for peace and serenity will absolutely enjoy it here.