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A roundabout walk to the Vipavski Križ

Feel the atmosphere of a small medieval town on a hilltop in the heart of the Vipava Valley, a sight you're sure to notice while driving by. Start with a relaxing stroll through the olive groves and vineyards.

The way starts at the Community Centre in the village Cesta by Ajdovščina, following signposts along a mostly macadam route around the Vipavski Križ. The roundabout trail is about 7 km long, winding through fields, vineyards, olive and fruit orchards, a small forest here and there, all the while within sight of the charming Vipavski Križ medieval town. You can also go by bicycle, or walk at a slow pace with your toddler in a stroller.

Approach the castle walls, look for the town gate and enter medieval Vipavski Križ. Did you know this tiny town received merchant rights almost half a millennium ago and keeps them to this day? This historical trade and craft hub boasts an illustrious past. Next to the parish church and Capuchin monastery with a rich library, imagination is dazzled by the once-mighty castle with its four towers, the former abode of Count Attems and Countess Eleonora, nobles popular among the folk of Vipavski Križ. Their stories will gladly be told by the local guides, next to lore presented in the tasting shop Gifts of Vipavska stocked with the offer of local producers.

On your way home, treat yourself to a stop in the Sivi Čaven Restaurant in Potoče. This inn with a century of tradition will showcase the story of the horse-and-cart drivers, while serving you delicious traditional dishes with a modern spin. In times of old, cart drivers liked to stop here on their lumber hauling routes from the Trnovo Forest Plateau, or while taking valley wine and other produce to Trieste.

Trail information:
Total walking time: 2 hours