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Ajdovščina, the city of ice cream

Summer sweetness is found in Vipava and Nova Gorica as well

The Vipava Valley has for centuries been known as a paradise garden, abundant with fruit varieties and many other bounties of nature. Due to the plentiful harvest, these parts also have many food producers. Among those taking the fame of heavenly flavours into the world, likely the best known is Fructal, legendary fruit juice manufacturer based in Ajdovščina. In the past few decades, the city has developed an exquisite ice cream offer. Did you know that the popular Leone ice cream has been around for over 30 years? It travels from Ajdovščina to many countries of the world, presenting novelties each year.

The greatest selection of Leone ice cream is found in their own store in the centre of Ajdovščina, at the Lokar Avenue just by the post office. Outstanding ice cream is also found in three pastry shops in Ajdovščina that make their own: the Bambola ice cream garden on Gregorčič Street, the pastry and coffee shop Cukr on Prešeren Street, and the pastry shop Ajdovščina on Goriška Street. In the city known for the high quality and innovative presentation of its food products, artisanal ice cream is a proper culinary experience.

When you're adventuring the Vipava Valley, truly delicious ice cream is found in many other places as well, so here's a couple more hints.

Just 7 km from Ajdovščina, in Vipava where you can cycle with your family, the centre of this scenic town by the delta spring of the River Vipava features an ice cream shop that's among the most beloved in the valley. On the Glavni Trg Square, the pastry shop Marjanca invites you to taste many kinds of ice cream and linger in the "piazza", lively during all seasons of the year.

On the other end of the valley, where the plains of Goriška begin, you can feel the special beat of the twin cities in Nova Gorica, one of the two Goricas coexisting without a visible border at the meeting place of Slovenia and Italy. The great cultural friendship of the two cities enriches their culinary offer, while the influence of the distinguished Italian tradition also marks Nova Gorica's ice cream offer. The best known pastry shop in town is Caffè Dolce Vita in Casino & Hotel Perla on Kidrič Street. Next to their legendary ice cream you will also find phenomenal desserts. Fantastic ice cream is also found in the Malinca ice cream shop, and the Pinjola ice cream shop on Bevk Square downtown, which is dedicated to pedestrians and a simbol of a city without boundaries.

Ko se boste potepali po Vipavski dolini, lahko zares odličen sladoled najdete tudi marsikje drugje, zato ne bo odveč še nekaj namigov.