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Vipava Valley Wine Train

Guided tours

Experience an amazing five-hour train journey on a railway line that goes back to Austria-Hungary. During the ride you can chat with a local winemaker and savour the very best that the Vipava Valley has to offer.

Once on board of the Wine Train, you will get swept up by the amazing views and vistas of the Vipava Valley. For the majority of the route, the vineyards are bathed by the golden hour's soft, warm light, and topped with unforgettable sunsets. In the town of Ajdovščina we will make a pit stop and take a guided walk to the old town. The next stop is in one of the villages, where a guided walk from the station takes us to a local winemaker. There, we’re treated to a tasting of local wines and homemade food.

Burjatik d.o.o.

Župančičeva ulica 1 c, 5270 Ajdovščina
t: +386 (0)40 166 042
m: +386 (0)41 232 548
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