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Gotrek, gorništvo in spletna prodaja

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No matter the season, Gotrek organizes and leads guests on hiking and cycling trips, day excursions and multiple-day tours and mountain trips across the Vipava Valley, Slovenia and Europe. Gotrek’s guides and leaders can take you to the Alps, Dolomites and to great mountaineering experiences in Croatia. All outdoor activities, treks, educational courses and mountaineering tours are held by experienced international mountain guides.

Not to be missed:

  • Gotrek is a member of the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA), Association of Mountain Leaders of Slovenia (ZPVS), Croatian Mountain Guides Association (SGVH), and Alpine Association of Slovenia (PZS)
  • Gotrek holds a qualification issued by UIMLA rendering it qualified for mountaineering tours across the globe; it is a mountain leader under SGVH, and a mountain leader under the  Alpine Association of Slovenia (PZS) in the categories A, B, C, D, G (by the Alpine Association of Slovenia)
  • Gotrek offers sports equipment rentals
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