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Garage Hostel


The hostel offers good value for your money with its affordable lodging facilities. It’s suitable for young and young-at-heart travelers, students, athletes, people working in arts and culture, solo travelers, and groups.

In total, the four rooms can accommodate up to 20 guests: there is a four-person room, i.e., family room with a double bed and a bunk bed available; a six-bed room; a three-bed room; and a seven-bed room. They are served by a shared bathroom. There is also a common area, a shared kitchen, and a dining room.

Not to be missed:

  • each bed has its own privacy curtain, lamp, a power outlet, and nightstand
  • The owners are happy to supply you with ideas for DIY tours of the area. Groups can be set up with day trips or team-building events.
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